Mary in the tollbooth: The feast and pitsMature

Once she got home, she decided to celebrate. Maybe it sounded stupid to celebrate because you were having chocolate, but to Mary, it was a special occasion. She had fun dressing herself up, playing with the makeup she had put away after starting work at the tollbooths. She took out dresses and squeezed herself into them. Oh! She had been such a little stick when she was young! She twirled her hair into big bouncy and excessive buns and stared at herself happily as she clipped on earrings to her unpierced ears. She danced herself into the kitchen where she made sure not to spill anything on her dress as she prepared a feast to the extent that her meager supplies could support. She brought in the bread and the soups and little bit of canned meat to she had. She made a small cake from the flour and little sugar she had. It didn’t have to be big anyways. She sat down at her small round dining table and set the small Hershey kiss in front of her. She smiled at it and began eating. To any outsider, this little feast might seem a little excessive but an outsider doesn’t know who Mary is. Now if this were Mary’s friend seeing her feasting, they would all be so excited and happy for her. But Mary had no friends. At least not anymore.

Oh! Those were the good old days. She used to be prom queen and homecoming queen. She was even deemed to prettiest girl in the school in her college yearbook. It was amazing! She had rich parents who loved to spoil her. She had friends who would constantly party with her, inviting her to every party in town. But that all disappeared that one day her father went bankrupt. He had been working on a new project for years that required so much money. When he finally released it, it was taken in as a fail. He lost millions of dollars and where went his fortune? Down the drain. Immediately, Mary’s party life came to a stop. She was driven out of her apartment after neglecting to pay five months of rent. Her friends left her and surrounded themselves with thick barriers of ice. Her life went crashing down to the bottom of the bottomless pit. Since then, she found a job as a toll collector and settled down in a bland and mediocre life, but she never lost her partying ways.

The End

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