Mary at the tollbooth: The Hershey KissMature

As people around to world receive random Hershey kisses, they are brought into a world of wonder and beauty. But this wonder doesn't last. Eventually, everyone is brought together by a undermining secret that causes this Utopia to plunge into chaos.
Closed collab between me, CrystalSouth, richNfamous, toxicemu, and thediaryofmel (unfortunately, heartlesswriter123 left)

Mary was a just another regular person working at another regular tollbooth. Maybe she was just a little more poor than an average person and maybe she just couldn’t afford to fix a few leaky faucets and cracking walls in her house, but she was nothing more than just normal. That night, she was at her station standing in the tollbooth like normal, collecting tolls, toiling through each monotonous hour of the night shift smiling at people who said thank you, frowning at those who would just leave.

The day was just starting to show the signs of a frosty winter morning and the bitter cold wind chilled her to the bone. She only had one more hour before she could get out of this little box and head home into the warmth of her little rattling old heater. The hour passed by slowly. When the clock finally struck 8, she sighed with relief and tidied herself to leave the tollbooth, but car drove up and stopped to pay a toll. She sighed. Until the next person came, she would be stuck here. Where is Jane? She leaned out to take the toll. The person in the car was smiling brightly at her.

“Merry Christmas!” She said brightly. “Would you like a Hershey kiss?” She had a large 6 pound bag of Hershey Kisses in her hand and she lifted it up to Mary after she had paid the toll.

“I-” Mary looked at her bewildered for a moment. Of course she would love a Hershey kiss. She hadn’t had chocolate for such a long time, she barely even remember the rich sweet goodness of the taste. But who in their right mind would take a random Hershey kiss from a random person at a tollbooth? And it wasn’t Christmas either. “I-” She stared at the girl and her eyes flickered back and forth as she tried to make a decision quickly. The cars behind were starting to honk.

“I-” She really didn’t know what to say. “I’ll take one.” She finally made up her mind. What harm was it going to do if she took one? It wasn’t like she had to eat it. Her hand shot out and grabbed a Hershey kiss from the bag. With girl beamed and drove away with a loud thank you. Mary sighed and shook her head. People these days. A few minutes later, Jane showed up, face red from running over and took her spot. In that way, Mary left, remembering not to forget the Hershey kiss, which now seemed even more tasty and luring then ever. Mary got into her old little clunker and drove home, making sure to place the Hershey kiss far away from the heater. She wouldn’t want to eat a melted Hershey kiss. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, Mary did finally decide that she would eat the Hershey kiss.

The End

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