Sparkle Dust

She opened her bedroom door to see a package on her bed, just as she had dreamt the night before.She ran over to it and read the lable,

Sara Walker

129th Wailer Street,

North Oaks,


As she read it , she carefully traced each wrod with her index finger. She sat at her desk and carefully slipped her finger under one edge of the package. She opened the package and a letter fell out. It was wrote on green shiny paper, like the kind she would wrap christmas presents in. As she opened the paper up, green and silver glitter tumbled silently through the air and landed on her desk. She read the letter to herself and then recited it outloud.

                                                                                                29/12/1992 -


Dear my darling Sara,

          I'm writing this on the day of your birthhoping you recieve

this onyour 15th birthday. Sara you are no ordanairy girl.

The book inside the package should help you understand

and hopefully explain everything need to know. The book

belonged to your older sister, your mother, your grandmother and

 every female desendant since over onethousand years ago.

                                  your sincerely

                                          Daddy x

P.S you will need to swallo the 'sparkle dust'.

Sara picked up the tube of what looked like glitter and poured the contents into her mouth. It tingled and tangled as it fell through her throat. she felt a little faint and decided to lay down. She stood up and made her way to her bed. She collapsed about 2 steps away from her bed. She laid there helplessly until carly Anders came in 5 minutes later. Carly hauled Sara up and onto her bed. She shook Sara until she opened her eyes.

" Huh? oh hi carlay. How long have you been here?" Sara asked Carly.Sara felt renergyised and pulled herself up into a sitting position.

"Not long. 'Bout 5 minutes oh yer and its Carly or Anders ok?" Carly joked.She sat on the edge of Saras bed until the package caught her eye. She walked over and picked it up. She sat back on Saras' bed and handed the package to her. Sara pulled out a large brown leather book from the package envelope. carly got up and sttarted climbing out of the window.

"hey! where are you going you just got here?" Sara asked carly puzzled.

"Oh Jacksons waiting for me out side.and i dont like using doors so im using your window."Carly said and jumped off the gazebo roof onto the floor and then got into Jacksons' car.

Sara ran her finger over the pattern etched into the frount cover. It was three intertwining snaakes. as she lifted her finger from the 3rd snake the slithered from the flat frount cover and turned into real snakes on her bed.As they seperated she just sat there insilence not daring to move.

"Dont worry we wont hurt you," the blue snake said. Sara lossened up .

"fire," the red snake hissed,

"Earth' said the green

"Water and air" said the blue.

and together they said" Those are the gifts you share." then they formed a pendant. the chain the pendant hung on appered from nowhere. Sara picked it up and slpiied it onto her neck. the book flew open as soon as it toutched her neck. Sara read aloud the words written , with what she guessed was a feather pen,

It isnt to hard to see,

The powers belong to me,

I have earned the power,

i have inhereted the power,

Bring me the powers.

The whole house shook, leaving Sara startled.

The End

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