Thebegining of the last battleMature

Shard wake us under a doctors face wearing a mask, his shoulder was screaming in pain. He looks to his left a robot arm being place carefully where once a perfectly human arm once was. Shard didn't look away or cream as the final stages where the most painful, but once the arm was installed it hurt no longer.  He got up instantly his feet hitting the floor softly.

" Sir you've lost a lot of blood please rest a bit more." The doctor insists.

" I'm fine." Shard grumbles as he brings his new robotic limn into a fist and waves it around a bit scaring the doctor.

" Whatever  you muscleheads are all the same."  The doctor grumbles

" Hell yeah, I was born and raised in the army, that all I know." Shard replies walking out of the medical room and as he does the ship begins to shake from impacts of enemy fire the alarms sounds.

" All able perssonel report to nearest defensive area, boarding is immenent!" A female computer voice screeches as the ship take a huge impact and everything is sent sideways. Shard winces but gets back up noticing huge amounts of bruising on the left side of his body. He gets up as the ship takes another blast and findhimself wieghtless.

" We have just lost artificail gravity evacuate the ship!" The computer voice screeches.

Shard grabs an assualt rifles and slips into an escape pod. He noticed even though his side of the war was winning, there where lots of casualties being taken. He pressed the release button and was sent back onto the war torn planet. The escape pod impacts the ground hard and the door pops open and gets stuck. He punches it open and as soon as he does he wished that that he didn't as enemy fire nearly takes him out he rolls out of the way and instantly responds with firing back.

" What a shitpit!?"

The End

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