Space's edgeMature

A story set in the distant future where travel faster than the speed of light has revolunized human culture. Along with a recent war has brought much pain and suffering along with crime

Shard dodges several rounds of lazer blast and ducks behind a rock as he pull the pin on his grenade, a grenade drops onto his cover.

"Shit!"  He yells and gets up trying to run the grenade explodes a blast of heat and flames throwing him forwards.

He hits a rock wall and hits the ground hard, he was winded but luckly his combat amour took most of impact.  His ears ringing and sight nearly taken out Shard gets up , leaning forwards. Enemy fire opens up the other side of a rock gulley.  A round is sent through his left shoulder plae also peircing the shoulder he is flung backwards by the force. He avoids screaming in pain seein a whole big enough to put his hand through his shoulder. Shard can hardly move though he was essantaly finished.  With his right arm he gets his gun level and takes his revenge for his shoulder.  He holds the trigger until the gun whines, the clip is empty. He grabs his pistol, the world now blurring. As the gun levels out a dropship lands only a few meters away.

" Sargent Shard!" A medic yells. The guns on the side of the drop ship make a hail of lazer rounds onto the enemy side.

" Get him in, He is going to need a cybernetic implant. Its a miracle he is still conciouse!"

The place Shard on a patient bed and then he blacks out.

The End

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