The cruiser ripped and roared through the vastness of space as Blu set the vessel's navigational course to Seir's moon. He accelerated with dangerous speed as the thrusters powered and charged to full force; the rising velocity was causing the spaceship to violently rattle and shake from within, yet the Earthian's nerves remained firm and unbroken. His eyes were fixated forward and narrowed to slits, his face was cemented in a steady concentration, and poking out of a corner of his lips was a dwindling capsule of burning astro turf slowly disappearing into ashes.

As he approached the rocky orb, a beeping sound rang out from his dashboard, then Blu pressed a button inward after slightly clearing his throat. A stern sounding voice echoed out from his audio receiver, and an alien formally introduced his frequency call. "This is Sergeant Buiu of the Office of Rangers. Please state your business, as well as your pilot license and ship identification numbers. Failure to do so will result in immediate apprehension."

"An` a good day to ye as well, Sergeant Bui`." Blu was a laconic individual by nature, but the Earthian who supposedly owned and operated the spacecraft was known to be of the friendly and loquacious lot. "This here is yer ol` pal Gilliam Rook; license number 1-0-5-5-8. Ridin` in the ol` cruiser again t`day, boys; number 6-9-8-8. I'ma comin` down to pick up some money y`all owe me, but I reckon you already knew that one, Sarge."

The alien on the other end of the frequency call never fancied small talk either, and needless to say he was none too thrilled to hear the familiar voice of Gilliam Rook on the other end of his receiver. He could only sigh heavily in disappointment, as he filled his audio transmitter with the sound of keys clicking and extremities typing away at an unseen console.

A silence followed, though the unavoidable response of the sergeant finally ended the noise of frequency static and dissatisfied murmuring. "It would appear you are correct, Mr. Rook. Please dire-"

"Oh come on, Sarge," Blu interjected rudely, which abruptly cut off the alien from speaking for a moment, "We're ol` pals! Call me Gilliam. Hell, we're practically brothers here." There was a brief quietness that followed, then the frustrated ranger continued his efforts to finish the call as quickly as he could.

"Direct your ship to Landing Bay Three," he continued formally, "and when you touch down we will send a ranger to escort you from there." The sergeant's tone remained unenthusiastic, though he was more than eager to finally end his transmission. Blu snickered as the frequency call ended, then he snuffed out the remnants of his smoking device into an ashy compartment, and once again he piloted his spacecraft toward the military outpost occupying Seir's moon.

The enormous doors of the bay began to slowly separate as the spacecraft approached, and the cruiser gradually descended, coming to a halt as it landed upon the surface of the docking zone. The Earthian disengaged his engines, and the steady rattling of the vessel faded into a dull hum, before finally relaxing into a dormant stillness. Blu surveyed the spacious area around him as the star-filled universe was slowly shut out from overhead; the heat of his spacecraft refracted the illuminated glows of the safety lights that were flashing on and off.

A small number of spaceships were already stationed inside the bay, and for a moment the Earthian thought he may have recognized one of them. His mind was undecided, his curiosity was heightened by the obstruction of his view, but Blu passed over the thought when he heard a sudden soft tapping upon the dome of his window. He pressed a little orange button on his dashboard, then the door was unlatched and hissed open.

"You must be Mr. Rook, I take it." A delicate voice addressed him, and his face beamed with delight when he turned his attention toward the soldier.

Standing off to one side of the spacecraft was an Earthian woman, clothed in a standard issue ranger's military uniform. The garments hugged her body and revealed her slender physique and amatory curves. Her hair was cut to a shortened style, yet her dark bangs were long, parted to one side and slicked back behind an ear; this revealed her youthful face, and added to her overall attractive complexion. The young woman was holding a mobile electronic device in her hands, and her diligent focus was upon it. She had an index finger pressed upon the surface of the miniature computer's screen, and she was intently examining the pilot and vehicle information.

"No need to be so formal," Blu surveyed the Earthian woman for a moment, his eyes engaged her figure with marked interest as the flashing safety lights cast moving shadows upon her, which accentuated her appealing anatomy. The uniform she was dressed in displayed her awarded rank and last name, in bold lettering, just slightly above her flawlessly feminine bosom, "Cadet Renfield. A lovely darlin` such as yerself can call me Gilliam any day."

When her face glanced up at the spacecraft's pilot, her eyes blinked for a few moments in bewildered fascination; Blu had a confident smile that stretched across his mouth, and he dismounted his ship with impressive ease. In a moment he was standing in front of the ranger, and his unbreakable stare was directed into her chocolate colored orbs. The cadet averted her eyes briefly, and a flush of nervousness overcame her as she ran her fingers through the tresses of her bangs. After she regained her professional composure, she nodded politely toward Blu and smiled a smile that could erupt a star into supernova status.

"Very well, Gilliam," she said timidly, "if you will please follow me, I shall escort you to the Claims Office, and we will settle everything from there."

The pair of Earthians began to traverse into the exterior of the military outpost, and Blu did not hesitate to retain his façade with the young woman; he continued engrossing her in kindly conversation, and the pair exchanged friendly laughter with one another.

After walking down a long, windowless corridor their steady gait came to an abrupt halt. They arrived inside a darkened and cold room, known as the Decontamination Chamber, or so the large sign above the door suggested, and the hallway they had passed through closed off from behind; the giant metal door slowly shut with a grinding creek. There was a moment of stillness, then tiny ventilation ducts began to spray geysers of misty air at the Earthians. The atmosphere was cleansed by this process, and after several minutes, a loud sound rang out from an intercom system, then the entryway leading into the space station opened in front of Blu and the cadet.

The interior of the outpost was much like any other military base the vigilante had been acquainted with; it was a vast maze of offices and rooms dedicated to training, there were obnoxiously large and blindingly colorful holograms that advertised the support for ranger activities and attempted to coerce recruitment into the organization, and a potent odor of bland scented chemical cleaner lingered in the air wherever one stood. Every surface was sleek, the tiled floors underfoot had been waxed and polished with such frequency that Blu could see a visibly pristine reflection of himself. Aliens wearing nearly identical uniforms, save the varying names and ranks, were busily hurrying this way or that way like insects in a hive. Other soldiers were loitering about, dawdling as they conversed with one another, but these were generally the lower ranking rangers with little sense of duty.

Cadet Renfield escorted Blu around the space station, and every time she passed by a fellow soldier, if it was appropriate, she routinely saluted and halted her movements. This made traversing to the Claims Office feel like a journey in itself, and during their third interruption, Blu had felt his nerves stiffen. His gait ceased while his guide was giving her systematic gesture, and the vigilante happened to turn his head in the direction of an intersecting hallway.

His gaze fell upon two rangers that were unfamiliar to him, yet there was a nonmilitary personnel among them Blu had recognized with impeccable certainty; their eyes locked briefly, and the vigilante was convinced that this distinguishable alien noticed him as well. Before any form of connection could transpire, the cadet continued her movements toward the Claims Office, and Blu quickly followed behind, refusing to look back.

Once they had finally arrived at their destination, the young woman politely rapped upon the door of the office, and they both waited in silence for a moment, then Cadet Renfield turned her head to listen closely for any indication of movement from within the room. She concluded there was nothing but stillness awaiting them, but her investigation continued, and she began to press a series of buttons upon an electronic keypad that controlled the metallic barrier between the pair of Earthians and the Claims Office.

Blu had feigned that his attention remained elsewhere, but in his peripheral vision the vigilante observed the passcode that manipulated the locking mechanism of the door; it was the same as before, and he perceived that it had not been altered since his previous visit.

"All of this security, all of these moderately trained rangers," he thought to himself as the entryway opened, "and for what? They want the familiar, they find comfort in the recurrent and the unchanging. Earthians are not the only habitual alien, and the military is just another organization that subliminally breeds the illusion of complacency; some things never change."

Cadet Renfield leaned forward and bent her figure, then she called out as she turned her head from side to side, "Captain Nyram? Are you there? Captain?"

She stepped into the room for a moment, and as her investigation came to a predicted conclusion, she approached Blu with an apologetic expression upon her beautiful face. "I'm sorry Gilliam," she said with sincere supplication, "but it would appear the captain is out for the moment. I will take you to a lobby where you can wait until he returns."

The vigilante thought back to the alien he had recalled from his past, and he presumed it would be in his best interest to commence his business without delay; if he lingered around inside the military outpost, his pseudonym ran the chance of being unwittingly compromised. He was like a wolf in sheep's clothing, but he trod in a den of lions. "Now don' tell me such a high caliber woman is deemed unfit to perform the simple task as helpin` me file my claim..."

"Well, I really shouldn't, I mean, I don't think I can, or at least it isn't permissible-"

Blu could sense the hesitation in her voice, and he knew the opportunity to coerce the cadet was presently available to him, so he pressed the issue by exclaiming a false exaggeration, though it bore a fraction of truth within it.

"It's jus`, I'm in a hurry, ye see, an` the money is important. I have a daughter, a wee little one, an` she's all out of sorts. I am usin` my claim to buy her some much needed medical attention." His thoughts strayed from the present, and his mind wandered to the darkest places of his former life. An unbearably sharpened grievance stung the Earthian's heart like a curiously prodding needle, and for a moment he was lost to the recollection of absolute misery. Without intention, a mist of sadness surfaced in Blu's eyes, and Cadet Renfield's expression turned from apologetic to sympathetic.

The ranger reflected on the anguish that was portrayed in the vigilante's demeanor, and at once she desired to aid Blu, yet she remained reluctant because of her lack of knowledge and training within the Claims department; her military occupation was directed toward the interaction between the deployed soldiers stationed on Seir's moon, and their respective families, of which inhabited different and varying planets that were scattered and separated across the cosmos.

"I want to help you, Gilliam, but I'm afraid I cannot without the captain; I have no guess as to where I should even begin," she remarked earnestly.

"Now, now sweetheart," Blu began, but his mind had not yet fully regained control of his senses, and his alleged accent wavered as he spoke. He briefly paused, clearing his throat with a loud cough for good measure, then he continued with convincingly deceitful articulation, "don' ye be worryin' yer pretty little self. I've been through this here procedure b`fore. Why heck, I could do it m`self, jus` as well too, but I know how y`all are sticklers for regulations `round here. Sit yerself down in that chair over yonder, and we can carry on with our business." He was no actor, nor a schooled thespian, but the performance he gave was perfectly plausible.

The cadet weighed in her mind the consequences of the affair, and she remained silent for a moment. As her inner deliberation battled on, Blu wondered if a bit of flattery might convince the young woman; he was acquainted with the Earthian idea that tenderness attracts a lady like a fly to honey. With sincerity he spoke once more, and his cool glance fixed upon her captivating brown eyes, which naturally flashed under the gleams being emanated from surrounding light fixtures of the office.

"If the ol` captain comes back, he won` make a fuss over Gilliam. Heck, we're practically pals. Say, have ye ever been to Myris b`fore? It's a spacetropolis on Arneid, and yer eyes glow jus` as bright as the city when the sun goes down - not a treasure could compare, darlin`." A confident smirk curled on his face. Blu comfortably placed one of his hands upon a shoulder of the ranger, then he proceeded to gently direct her into the office.

Cadet Renfield crossed over to an electronic console, which doubled as a working desk, and took a seat opposite to Blu. She politely rested her frame in the chair reserved for Captain Nyram, yet she adjusted herself into an uncomfortable position, as if to refrain from disturbing the atmosphere of a higher ranking commander.

The top surface of the electronic console was adorned with neatly stacked field manuals, all of the bindings of each manuscript were seemingly paralleled to perfection with one another. Polished picture frames that portrayed a captain and his loving family were spaced apart in exact measurements, and miscellaneous papers, as well as important military documents, were organized in a precise and delicate fashion. The chair was hovering behind the electronic console, slightly above the surface of the floor; the cadet took a moment to shift the office furniture, then she glanced at the computer's screen.

At once she became disheartened, and her expression pouted into a familiar apologetic look. "It would appear the captain has locked his machine. I won't be able to access the programs necessary to complete the transaction without his passcode."

"Try this-" the vigilante said, his confidant grin was permeated upon his face. He instructed her to type a series of calculated passwords; some were in the form of security questions, others were a systematic designs scribbled upon the computer's touch screen, yet all of them appeared random to Cadet Renfield.

"How do you know all of Captain Nyram's keys, which unlock his machine?" A sudden suspicion arose in her mind, and the ranger became apprehensive with the idea of continuing business. She keenly observed the reaction of her inquiry.

Blu had noticed the sudden change in her demeanor, and he detected her uncertainty. Without a moment's delay, he replied with a friendly laugh, "Why, I told ye darlin`,  we're pals! I was in the force once m`self, but I was never a lifer," then he leaned in and added with a hint of jest as he pointed to a picture frame, "unlike ol` Captain Nyram here." He concluded his statement with a reassuring wink, and the gesture produced a blush of rose upon the cadet's cheeks.

"Truly? I wondered if you had ever been affiliated with the force. You have the physique for it." The last words of her remark unintentionally slipped from her tongue, and her cheeks flared up even more so. To avoid the awkwardness of the moment, Cadet Renfield commenced with filing the claim for Blu, hoping her words were ignored, and her fingers began to work themselves upon the electronic console.

"I reckon so, seein` as they pinned me with two Stellar Acclamations b`fore I could wise up an` retire," he affirmed with a hardy laugh, yet the accuracy of his statement was in perfect truth.

The honor of a ranger receiving such a noteworthy distinction as the Stellar Acclamation is rare to extremes; a soldier awarded with the decoration must possess a magnitude of courage that surpasses those of distant legends and god-like myths, and they must also demonstrate a combative skill so immeasurable that it is necessary for the recipient to engage in countless battles to validate the award. There is a sparse number of extraordinary rangers that have achieved such a distinction that they were pinned with a Stellar Acclamation, and even less have been bestowed with the honorary decree more than once; Blu being one of those fractions of a slight percent.

Cadet Renfield responded to the remark with shared amusement, though she refused to believe in such absurdity. She was familiar with many of the awards given to brave and noble soldiers, and even without the possession of her current knowledge, the young woman understood the improbability of any one alien accumulating two Stellar Acclamations in a single lifetime, yet she sat opposite to an Earthian who proclaimed to be endowed with multiple accolades.

Time passed by as Blu gave explicit guidance to the ranger, all of the while he flirted and conversed with her without restraint. For a moment Cadet Renfield felt a closeness to the vigilante, though she remained completely ignorant of his façade; she was beginning to like Gilliam. The business concluded with the pair of Earthians signing an official document in triplicate, which was a record of the claim being filed, and once the papers were stored in a square cabinet that stood in a corner of the room, the ranger withdrew a container filled with different planetary currency. Blu eagerly anticipated his reward for the efforts he had exerted while in the slums of Myris, his eyes scanning the varying currency with delight.

The cadet smiled as she unlocked the case, and she began to count out a sum of money equal to the dues owed to Blu. "I hope you find what you are looking for, Gilliam. These days, times can be hard for anyone. The New Age was supposed to usher in a time of prosperity for all aliens alike, but we're not there just yet. My prayers go out to your daughter."

Blu humbly nodded in appreciation, "I've never been much of a God fearin` man m`self, but I thank ye for yer concern, darlin`. I sure hope I find what I'm lookin` for as well." His thoughts drifted to the fantasy of pursuing another wanted criminal, a particular criminal which he has been seeking for years, and he understood that before long he would be engaged in another journey; struggle and hardship, labor and pain, all of these and much more awaited him, as if his body was nothing more than prey for adversity, or an offering to the dreaded deities of disaster.

The vigilante's attention was brought back to cold reality when the unthinkable happened; just as his hand reached out to collect the reward money for his previous undertakings, a noisome sound rang out and filled the entire military outpost. A thundering alarm resonated from speaker boxes that lined the expanse of the base, and the locking mechanism of the Claims Office doubled clicked, ensuring extra security, as well as eliminating any chances of escape. At once Blu's face hardened like a frozen statue, and the cogs of his mind turned to form the makings of a plan.

The siren sounded loud and near ear-piercing, yet while the warning bells deafened the winding hallways and countless rooms of the Office of Rangers, a boisterous voice followed the ringing commotion, echoing a caution that at once ended the illusion of Gilliam Rook; the sheep's clothing had been stripped from the wolf, and now the lions were in an uproar.

"ALERT! ALERT! All personnel be advised: there is an Earthian within the premises of this base that is wanted in connection to multiple murders on the planet Arneid, as well as other counts of lawlessness and criminal activity in varying galaxies, which violate the regulations of the Cosmic Order. He is traveling under the fraudulent identity of Gilliam Rook, and he has infiltrated this station; he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. All units prepare for the criminal's immediate apprehension. Officers to your posts, all remaining rangers report to the armory for weapon withdrawal. ALERT! ALERT!"

The warning was repeated in different alien languages, and instantly Blu perceived that there was only the slightest sliver of hope in his escape. His glance turned to Cadet Renfield, and he noticed her face was petrified with accusing fear; the soldier's deepest suspicions began to surface within her, and the initial shock of betrayal was too intense for her to bare.

She shook herself from the muddling daze of disbelief, and she darted out of the office chair toward the filing cabinet. The ranger had one thought on her mind; she desperately worked the lock upon one of the drawers, it popped open, and she rapidly groped around inside of it for the sidearm that was secretly concealed within the drawer.

Then she pivoted her feet, quickly raising the weapon she had drawn from the cabinet, yet her lightning speed was sluggish compared to the calculated velocity of Blu's swiftness. He predicted the cadet's movements with exactness, leaping over the electronic console to intercept her before she could react irrationally. The sidearm was firmly pressed into the vigilante's bosom, close to his heart, but the weapon did not fire; Blu had wedged one of his thick fingers between the trigger and handle, this effect caused the inability for Cadet Renfield to squeeze the trigger and let loose a shot from the barrel.

Coiled and grasped sturdily in Blu's other hand was the only weapon he stowed away on himself at all times, though he patiently delayed any attack with his baby blue scarf, in hopes that he would not be forced to harm a fellow Earthian; an innocent and beautiful one at that. He smiled at Cadet Renfield, and though he lost all traces of his former accent, he retained his previous courtesy as he addressed her.

"Let's not be too hasty, darling. Your rapturing eyes tell me you have never killed an alien before, and I reckon your heart is big enough to forgive my former misdemeanors, if you are willing to lend an ear to my circumstances." His tone was naturally smooth, and his expression pleaded for understanding.

There was a brief pause of silence shared between the two, though the continuing siren of alarm called out over the speakers. The young woman decided to interrogate Blu, with the intention of delaying him long enough for reinforcements to arrive and aid her. In actuality, Captain Nyram was already hurrying to his office, and within moments he would be just beyond the entryway.

"If you're not Gilliam Rook, just who are you?" Cadet Renfield inquired commandingly, and already she was beginning to feel uncertain about establishing any further trust with this vigilante, though the instinctual connection she had felt before still lingered.

"I am Blu," he said without a trace of humor.

"What a crock of shit. That doesn't sound like a real name, liar. I don't believe you!" The ranger narrowed her eyes at him in deep suspicion. She was irked when she had falsely perceived that he had little intention of answering truthfully.

"I reckon it may not sound like a legitimate, birth-given title, but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; that is to say, my dear, I am me. You may identify me as you like, but that will not change who I am." Blu's eyes were fixed with confidence, and he began to feel quite relieved as the pressure of the barrel, which still pointed toward his bosom, noticeably lessened to an easiness. He also felt her ceasing to squeeze the trigger, which had been pinching his finger until now.

"Why are you here?" Cadet Renfield was hoping to continue the conversation, and so she questioned him further, thus delaying the vigilante even more. Minutes were melting off of the clock.

"That seems particularly obvious, but if you wish to be reminded, I am here for my money. Now that we have concluded our business, I would like nothing more than to leave, though I reckon if I am to do so peacefully you will have to help me. You will help me, won't you?"

"I refuse to help you escape; you're a criminal, a murderer!" Again the sidearm was pressed firmly into Blu's bosom. He was growing impatient; precious seconds ticked away, and the feel of the metallic barrel against his chest was causing unnecessary tension to arise within an escalating situation.

"I may have exterminated a few pests in my day, but you can believe that they all had it coming." His voice was stern as he remarked, "I am a criminal hunting criminals, a wolf tracking wolves. The villains I destroy are heartless, cruel, and wretched; they spawn chaos out of order, and their wicked deeds would remain otherwise unchecked, if it were not for handsome heroes like myself. Aliens like me are all that's left of what real justice is."

She contemplated on the thought of his statement, then Cadet Renfield was reminded of his previous words, and she inquired with scornful seriousness, "are you honestly a former ranger, or was that another lie too?" She stared into Blu's eyes, attentively examining his expression for any signs of deception.

"I am," the vigilante affirmed with bold assurance.

"Prove that your words are true, and if I am satisfied with the result, I will do what I can to help you in your current circumstance. If no proof is given, then turn yourself in at once."

The ranger remained uncertain, though her chocolate colored gaze fixated upon Blu. She did not want to betray her fellow soldiers, nor did she wish to break her newly proposed promise, yet she reluctantly offered her cooperation, with the desire that the affair would conclude as peacefully as possible.

"If the lovely lady desires a demonstration, I reckon I can appease your demand, but don't blame me if you blink and miss it," he said coolly.

The vigilante stared into her fixed orbs, then with nimble dexterity he shifted his body, and his motions were expertly calculated and controlled; in a span of time that measures a single instant, or only a fragment of that instant, the young woman was disarmed before she could comprehend the happenings of the moment. The barrel of the weapon she once held was now pressed into one of her own ribs, though it was held against her frame with little force.

Her heart beat excitedly, and Cadet Renfield's nerves became tense when she noticed that she had been rendered completely defenseless. Suddenly her muscles braced themselves, and she naturally flinched at the idea of being subjected to the pain of ammunition penetrating her anatomy. Beads of sweat raced down her brow toward her cheeks, and slender tresses of her bangs hung over her face; her fright was evident in her expression, so Blu decided to lower the weapon once his demonstration was over.

"Don't be scared, I would never dream of harming a lady. Well, are you appeased now? Will you help me out?"

The ranger's adrenaline was beginning to wane once she comprehended that he had every intention to hold true to his words. The loud screams of the siren continued to resonate throughout the military outpost, and the chance of escape fleeted with each passing second, so much so that it was nearing the borderline of impossibility. Cadet Renfield straightened out her uniform, and with one hand she slowly slicked back her bangs, then she turned her attention toward Blu and said, "It's not too late to surrender. I can take you to my commander, maybe we can square away this whole mess. They may treat you more fairly since you are a former ranger."

He knew without a shred of doubt what his fate would be, should he be senseless enough to believe in receiving any form of leniency; he had other plans, and not the standing still in front of a trigger happy firing squad kind of plans. The time had come for him to make the preparations necessary for his only prospect of escape. Blu firmly grabbed one of the young woman's arms, and with haste they crossed over to the locked door separating the Claims Office from the interior of the space station, which was now on lock down and teeming with highly alerted soldiers, like wasps busily buzzing about readying their stingers.

"If I am arrested, do you understand what will happen? I will be judged and found guilty of homicide, murder, and other detestable crimes that I have performed with my own hands; the kind of deeds that haunt dreams and rob a man of peaceful slumber. I will be labeled a fiend, a monster, and if I am lucky I reckon they will give me a cruel execution. That is not the worst of it; somewhere, on distant planets in far away solar systems treacherous devils will continue plaguing the universe, and their reign of terror will have lengthened because of my death. They will go on spreading their violence and tyranny like an unstoppable disease."

Blu's speech was compelling, and his confidence beamed within his eyes. His statement rejuvenated the natural connection Cadet Renfield retained for him, yet she continued to harbor a feeling of hazarded confliction. In her mind, the young woman still desired a nonviolent conclusion and harmonious resolution, so she questioned the vigilante once again, although she aimed for the softest string of the vigilante's heart when her question plucked at him.

"What about your daughter? Think of her and give yourself up, unless you were lying about her as well..."

Blu opened his mouth to address her sternly, but before he had the opportunity to reply to her statement, he was interrupted by a sound that silenced him. On the other side of the entryway, just behind the door that the pair of Earthians were standing next to, the noise of electronic beeping could be heard; it was slight, and the systematic alarm produced a difficulty in sensing the forthcoming danger, but Blu was able to detect the faint sound with careful concentration.

He perceived that reinforcements had arrived. He remarked to the cadet, "Looks like our conversation is over, darling. I reckon a lovely lady like yourself is capable of acting."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Cadet Renfield was unaware of the vigilante's plan, but she immediately felt reluctant with the affair when Blu turned her around, boldly pressing his hips into her rear. She was startled with the sudden shift of her position, and her nervousness heightened when she felt the body of the this individual so close to her own.

Blu wrapped his scarf around the young woman and himself, then he tied the garment tightly, and the pair was securely fastened to one another. He said with a serious tone, "Scream as loud as you can, and pretend to be terrified," then he added reluctantly, "I would hate to ask this of any lady, but maybe you could even cry a little, just for the effect."

There as no need to pretend; she was frightened beyond measure. "Promise me you won't kill anyone. The soldiers here are good aliens, and they mean well."

The vigilante's stare was now fixated upon the door of the office. In a moment the entryway would open. He affirmed with certain assurance, "No one dies, but I can't guarantee there won't be any injuries - that all depends on their reaction. Hold on darling, and get ready to scream."

No more dialogue was shared between the two Earthians. The ringing siren echoed thunderously, and the locking mechanism of the door screeched as if it was the signal for dire circumstances to arise. The metal door opened wide, and Blu inhaled one final solid breath, then he prepared for the improbable undertaking of retreating to his cruiser while evading capture at all cost. The light of the hallway blinded his sight temporarily once the door opened entirely, yet he moved with steady swiftness; he bound toward the entryway with Cadet Renfield snuggly tied to his waist, and at length his plan for escape commenced.





Whether or not Blu escapes from Seir's moon, and the alien of his past are both revealed in the next installment.




The End

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