Follow Squad Galileo, as they are America's new fighting force as Earth starts to expand outwards among the stars. Watch as the squad mates: Alex, Murdoch, Ishmael, Eliza, and Cassie train and work together over their next four years at the Space Academy.


The world has changed. It has become to small for humans to remain content. The year is 2067. Recent breakthroughs in science have allowed science fiction writers dreams to come true. But also their nightmares. While humans have never made contact with aliens, it's not the aliens that Humanity should be afraid of; Humanity should be afraid of itself. Now, in the year 2084, the worlds top powers have sent up massive satellites to not only keep a watch on each other, but to train their new warriors. These countries argue that these are military installations to protect the colonies that are moving towards Mars, and farther out beyond our galaxy, but others believe that these new soldiers will be put to use for a new war that is coming soon. All that these people can hope for is that the Outer Space Treaty signed nearly one hundred years ago will still hold today.

The End

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