The Story ends

“So you’re not going to try to take over the world?” Myla asks, just to be sure. 

James laughs again. “No. But thank you for asking. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure until just now. In coming here you’ve made me realize that if I actually decide to launch a take-over-the-world campaign, I’m going to have to deal with spies like you always interrupting my privacy. Then the secret of my hair might get out, and I would be ruined. You are going to keep that a secret right?”

“Of course. I won’t tell a soul.” Myla says solemnly. “So you’re just going to hang out here and boss people around but never actually do anything?’

“Yeah, pretty much. What about you? You’ve stopped me from attempting to rule the world, what are you going to do now?”

“I’ll probably go back to HQ and get on with my life.”

“Sounds cool. Well I hope that goes well for you. If you would care to join me…” James climbs down from his “throne” and offers Myla his arm. She takes it and he escorts her out the door to the front of the castle where there is a carriage waiting. “I hope you don’t mind. I’ve taken the liberty of arranging transportation for you. I won’t be coming, I’ve got to get some sleep before I end up with horrible bags underneath my eyes. Bye” James waves and walks back into his castle. Myla climbs into the carriage, which takes her almost to HQ. She jumps out about a ten-minute walk away. When she finally arrives, she is hailed as a hero. She has stopped a plot to rule the world. 

I think I’ll end it there. It works out nicely for everyone involved. Those are always the best stories aren’t they? Well, I’ve done my best, and if you’ve stuck with me until now, I thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, despite my original misgivings. Feel free to come back any time you like. You were a wonderful audience. Adieu.

The End

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