The Story continues

While we were concentrating on James, Myla was sneaking across the courtyard. She accidentally trips over a sprinkler head that is hidden in the grass. She doesn’t hurt herself, but this was the movement that James thought he saw. Myla happens to look up and see a pale red light winking at her from a particularly dark recess in the wall. There is a surveillance camera that she only just manages to avoid.  Myla knows that she will have to be more careful. She lies completely still and realizes that they must not have seen her because there is no one running at her waving a gun. She slowly got up and is making her way up to a small, unremarkable wooden door she noticed while looking around from her vantage point on the grass. Myla is hopes it’s unlocked. There’s not really any reason for it to be locked. The castle is located in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. There’ s no one else around. She takes a quick look around her to make sure she isn’t being followed, then tries the handle, turning it ever so carefully. Of course it’s locked. Bad guys: always paranoid. And plus, if it had been open, that would have been too easy. I suppose you’re going to start asking a lot of questions like: how is she going to get inside? What exactly is this incredibly dangerous mission? And why does the villain seem like such a pretty-boy? Well, I’m not sure how she’s going to get inside. She’s a spy and it’s her job to figure that out. Her mission, well I still haven’t gotten to that. You should learn to be more patient. As for James, I can’t tell you why. I don’t know myself. If you ever meet him, you’ll just have to ask him. In fact, I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to that too. Anyway, we can’t stay sidetracked for long. You asked for a story and you’re going to get it.

Myla decides to walk around some more, just to see if she can find another way in. Again, sticking to the shadows, and watching out for cameras, she creeps along the wall. She’s surprised to find herself looking around the corner of the wall to find the front door of the castle. Beside the big wooden double doors there is a smaller, less remarkable door, much like the one she had just come from. Myla looks carefully before venturing around the corner. There aren’t any cameras on the front of the building. Perhaps, thinks Myla, they don’t expect someone would just walk up to their front door and stroll inside. After all, they are out in the middle of nowhere. Our brave main character edges against the wall to the small door. She turns the handle as before, very slowly and carefully. This time the door is unlocked. See I couldn’t carry on her inability to get into the castle for several reasons. One, you would have gotten bored. Two, the story would become unrealistic and three, it would just take too long. But don’t worry, Myla isn’t out of the clear yet. So we have Myla who slips inside this doorway. There isn’t very much light in this small space, but Myla’s eyes have already adjusted to the dimmer light outside. Unfortunately for her, in her excitement at finding a way inside, that she doesn’t take a good look around. She bumps into a table quite hard. You may be wondering what a table is doing in this particular location, but what I haven’t told is that this is not a hallway as you might have thought. It’s a guardroom, which explains the table quite nicely I think. This is where the guard in charge of the front door hangs out during their shift. Sadly, even though she had managed to avoid the surveillance cameras, she did wake the guard who had been having quite a lovely dream until she had smashed into the table. 

“Wha—What’s going on?!” asks the guard blearily as he wakes up with a start. He jumps about a foot in the air when he sees Myla standing there. Of course that’s an exaggeration, or a hyperbole. But it does add effect don’t you think? Sorry, back to the story.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’ll just slip back out here.” Myla tries to casually back out the way she came, but by this time the guard has his bearings and knows an intruder when he sees one. He grabs Myla by the arm in a grip of steel. At least, that’s what it feels like to her. He takes her to the back of the room, through another door and into a cold, poorly lit corridor. He drags her down the hall and through yet another doorway, only this isn’t another guardroom. This looks like some sort of throne room. There is a raised dais at one end, with an ornate chair on top. And on the chair sits a man about thirty. He is sitting crookedly on the chair, with one leg over the arm and a steaming mug in his hand. I guess James got his latté.

“Excuse me Boss, but I found this girl sneaking around outside.” The guard kneels in front of the chair. Yes, this is a lie, but he couldn’t very well tell his boss that he had been sleeping on the job, could he?

“Very good. You may go.” The man on the chair turns to Myla. “Now, who are you and what are you doing lurking around my castle in the middle of the night?

“What are you doing up so late yourself? It’s the middle of the night; most people are asleep.” Myla fires back. 

“Normally I would expect that my questions are answered first, but since you’re the guest…in a manner of speaking…I’ll answer you. I’ve been expecting you; for the last few nights actually, so you little Missy, have kept me from quite a lot of sleep, and when I’m tired, I tend to get cranky. And when I get cranky, I get irritated. Although, I have discovered a new love for lattés.” He looks at his steaming mug lovingly. Myla nearly rolls her eyes, but resists. He didn’t seem that bright, but you never could tell with criminals.

The man snaps his attention back to the girl in front of him, “Now tell me your name before I get really angry.”

“Myla. My name is Myla” she replies.  

“Hmm…interesting name. Why are you here?”

“To complete my mission.”

“Which is…”

“I can’t tell you. Because then I would have to kill you.” Yes it is a cliché, but every good story needs a few right? 

The man laughs. “You would have to kill me? As if.”

“And who are you? You know who I am, but I don’t even know your name.”

“Sorry. I’ve got terrible manners comes with the job, and I suppose it is fair. My name is James.” Myla starts to giggle. Not the best idea she’s ever had. “How dare you laugh at my name! I was named after my father!”

“I’m sorry. I really am, and I do like your name. It’s just not what I was expecting, that’s all. There aren’t too many bad guys with actual names. Most of them make up something scarier.”

Suddenly James seems self-conscious. “Do you think I need something scarier? I don’t want people to laugh at me! I don’t mind if they talk about how great my hair is, because it’s awesome, but I can’t have people laugh at me!”

“Well, your hair is fabulous. How do you get it to stay like that? And I think your name is fine, but if you feel like you should change it, then go ahead. However, it should be something that you feel comfortable and confident about. Don’t let anyone try to change you.”

“Thanks, I use copious amounts of time, energy and hair products. But don’t tell anyone that, I prefer them to think I simply rolled out of bed looking this fantastic. And the advice is pretty good too. I’ll think it over. Now what was it that you were here for?”

“I was sent to stop you from world domination. That is what you were planning right?” I know I’m only introducing this idea now, but that’s because it’s just popped into my head. And yes it’s also a cliché, but does it really matter? I tried to be original in the story this far, so give me a break!

“Yeah, I was thinking about doing something like that, but when I actually thought about it, I decided not to. Do you have any idea how much energy goes into a plan to take over the world? Well it’s a lot. And besides, why would I go to all that trouble just to have someone like you swoop in a ruin it at the last minute. Nah, I’d rather pretend like I was going to do something big just so I can make people go get me my lattés.”

The End

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