Jemmie: Mr. Smithers

My name, is Jemima, or Jemmie. I've lived in Alabama for 10 years with my Mama and Papa. My brother, his name is Frances but everyone on the farm calls him Rex (except my Master), lives with us too, but he goes out into the fields with Papa to work during the day, and sometimes he doesn't come home. I don't get to see him alot, since I'm always working too, but when I do he always plays with me.

My Master's name is Mr. Smithers. He lives in a big mansion on top of the hill at the top of the farm. I saw him alot, but I didn't like him. He was mean. I always heard Mama say to Papa, "Smithers ain't got no heart. I don't know how he got himself a wife in the first place, damn old bat,". One time, I asked my mom what she meant and she told me to never talk about that. She said that if I told anyone and Mr. Smithers found out, Mama would be shipped away. I got really scared and I didn't say anything for 3 days! I couldn't live without Mama for three days!

Today, I've got to work in the field. Sandra said she was going to help me pick some of the strawberries if she could get away. I didn't want her to get in trouble, I know what happens when anyone gets in trouble. Mr. Smithers gets his horse whip. I have scars on my back from when he beat me two and a half years ago, and if I get a little bit too much sun on my back, it still hurts! I really hate Mr. Smithers.

The End

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