1. Southend City Borough Council has given the Go - ahead to build a new multi storey pier.

    It will be 20 miles long, making it the longest pier in the whole world.

The pier will start from Southend and go all the way down the Thames estuary, terminating at Margate, the first case of it's kind of a pier connecting two seaside resorts together.

The new multi - pier will replace the present pier, which will then be transferred to a retirement home in Clacton.

The new pier will have hotels, hospitals, holiday camps, shopping malls,

plus many more.

There will be a number of connecting piers which will branch off from the multi - storey pier and connect the mainland across the water.

2. A fleet of new buses is being introduced by Southend City Transport

The new buses are triple decker buses, designed to increase capacity so that the buses don't get so overloaded during rush hours.

This especially useful when there are loads of school kids coming home from school.

The new buses are Leyland Dumplings and have twelve  doors, two drivers and guards posted on board in case people end up eating each other.

The buses use oyster cards, which mean's an oyster that double's up as a bus pass.

To start with, before you use the oyster card you have to eat the oysters, that is shell fish.

Once this is done you then use the shells to take with you onto the bus then press it onto the driver's face, then it's off you go, and'   

'hope you have a nice ride.

Don't forget, once you leave the bus please take your feet with you because if you leave your feet on the bus you won't be able to walk, and have to be dragged  home in a wheel chair.

The End

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