Soulfire - Likkals Reign

Likkal, the Gundrul'Ug king has opened portals from his realm into the humans. Letting loose his armies to ravage destruction upon the Earth. Will the 5 heroes succeed in stopping him?

 It was a perfect summers day in America, the sun was shining in the beautiful ocean blue cloudless sky. The light reflected in many places from the windows of the skyscrapers, which made them look like beacons of light. In central park, there was 5 regular people, whose lives where about to change forever.

“Hey Pete!” yelled a voice “catch!”

Pete looked towards the voice, it was a guy with black hair, and stormy blue eyes he threw a Frisbee at him, his reactions too late to catch it, hitting him in the face.

“Mark, why did you do that!” Pete moaned
“Thought it would be funny” smiled Mark
“Where are the others anyway?”
“Jackie, well she will be here in 5 minutes, you know how girls are with the getting ready stuff”
“Yeah true... What about Doug?”
“Ah hes with Harry, and they are looking for us around here somewhere”

“Lets go find them then” said Pete as he picked up the Frisbee and looked for any signs of his friends. Pushing his bright blonde fringe out of his muddy brown eyes, he saw Jackie. She was walking towards them with her long brown hair blowing in the breeze, she looked at Pete with her elegant green eyes and smiled a perfect set of white teeth.

“Pete!” she exclaimed with a smile, grabbing him into a hug “I've been looking all over for you”
“I said on the phone to meet me by the fountain...” said Pete
“Hey lovebirds, Doug and Harry are here” laughed Mark
“Lovebirds? Shut up Mar-”

“-Sup Pete!” shouted Doug, throwing out his dark arms for a handshake, Pete shook his hand, and did the same with Harry's scrawny pale hand.

Doug had short black hair and was quite a strong looking guy. Where as Harry was his opposite, skinny, pale and had long hair. Harry's hair was around shoulder length and it was straight blonde going white abit already even at his age.

They all just sat at the fountain talking about whats been going on in their lives. For it is their first reunion since 5 years, when they left high school. They all went to different colleges except Pete and Mark. Pete met Jackie in college and Doug and Harry have been best friends since primary school. They all met in high school. They talked about that very day.

“I remember once, when I was lost and Doug told me to go the wrong way, but I wouldn't fall for it cause Harry was laughing so much” said Pete
“Yeah, Harry that ruined the fun” whined Doug
“I couldn't help it, he was so close to actually going that way” laughed Harry
“Didn't stop Mark from falling for it 5 minutes later though did it?” laughed Doug
“Gosh Mark, you must have been stupid to fall for something like that” giggled Jackie
“Yeah, yeah I get it, I'm stupid, can we talk about something else now?” said Mark rather annoyed 

The sounds of distant screams filled the air, and the wind went faster and colder. The 5 went to check out what the problem was.

A portal, which was green in colour, was open in the middle of the park. Many strange looking creatures with purple skin and black teeth came out of it. They were all wielding black weapons such as axes and hammers. Three of them noticed the 5 and walked over.

“Dead time now puny humans” grunted one of them.

There was some motion behind them and the other two fell to the ground dead.

"Names Vickson, can you come with me please?" said the figure

The End

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