Chapter Eleven - Possess Me

"I'll come pick you up at eight, alright?"

"'Kay, Andrea. See ya then."

Putting the phone down, I went back into my room to find a change of clothes. You're going to a party?, Jayden's voice rang in my head.

"Obviously, I am. Do you have a problem with it?"

No but...what am I giong to do?

"Just watch the show Jay," I muttered, looking through my closet for something decent enough to wear.

That sound extremely boring. Besides, I don't think you're a party girl. You're probably just going to sit down in some corner and look bored.

"Nice guess cause that's true. I'm only going cause Andrea insisted. I barely go out to parties and this is my first one but oh well.."

Oh yeah, Andrea doesn't want to go alone and all. Isn't it her boy friend's party or something?

"Yeah it is and she wanted me to tag along."


I finally got myself dressed in grey skinny jeans and a tank top with a cardigan over it. When I stood in front of the mirror to see if I looked alright, I heard Jayden whistle and then say, hot!

I laughed. "Thanks."

The phone rang again but stopped after two rings; the signal that I had to go down since Andrea was here to pick me up.

Show time!


The party...was not what I expected of it. I've never really been to a party so when I walked into the house and got myself smushed by a load of people with loud music booming in my ears, was quite a surprise. Within the second that Andrea was in my sight, she disappeared. Probably gone off to her boyfriend.

Enjoy!! Jayden yelled, as I rummaged through the crowd.

"Most likely will not," I whispered back. I heard him chuckle.

Finally, I found a place where I could sit down and looked bored just like Jayden had predicted. I was clearly regretting the fact that I had showed up at the party. The house was just filled with drunk guys and girls making out and doing god knows what and loud music and dancing. This was just not the place I was meant to be. Right then, I recieved a text from Andrea.

"I'm sorry about ditching ya but I really just had to see Randy!! You know my parents, they're soo strict and I finally got the chance. But hope you have fun!"

With a groan, I slumped down on the couch and snapped my phone shut. "This is just great," I croaked.

I stayed still, just sitting down on the couch and looking bored for what felt like an eternity when I finally felt like I just had to leave before I got homesick. Getting up, I pushed past the crowd towards the front door. And when I tried opening it, it was locked.

"Damn it."

There must be a door somewhere else, check with someone, Jayden advised.

I looked around for someone familiar and saw a girl that I'd met during the basketball games. She met my eye and smiled.

"Heyy, how areee yaa?" She slurred.

She's drunk. No use asking her.

I was just going to have to find an entrance out alone. I headed toward the kitchen and found a whole wad of people there, mostly guys. And what I found, was a door! Finally, I was going of this party hell! Right when I was about to place my hands on the door knob, I felt someone grab my waist and push me against the wall.

What the-?

I looked up at the person and almost gasped in shock. The football captian of the team!

"Filomena...long time no see," he said, flashing me one of those smiles of his which usually got girls at his feet, and it did to me once too, but not anymore...

"Alex, what do you want?"

"I want you."

What the hell!

"Step aside Alex."


He took hold of my wrists and pinned them up against the wall, pressing his body against mine.

Get off her, I heard Jayden growl.

Alex pressed his lips against my neck and I felt my heart pump fast. "I know you want me too."

I struggled against his firm grip on me but he wouldn't budge.

"And even if you don't, I'm going to have you."

That was when all hell went loose. I don't know what happened to me but I tore my hands away from his wrist and straight out punched him from under his jaw. He went staggering back and stared at me in shock.

"Stay the fu** away from her!" I said that but at the same time I didn't say that. It didn't sound like me. My voice was hoarse and filled with spite. And that's just not me.

Before I knew it, I was out the house but it wasn't me controlling me if that even makes sense. What the hell was going on?

And finally, I was back to normal, I fell down on a patch of grass nearby and started gasping.

If I see that jerk again I swear to god I'll-

"How did you do that?"

Do what?

"Possess me."

I don't give a damn about how I did it but the next time he touches you, I'll do more then just possess you.

I shuddered at the thought of that, not becuase I was scared he'd take control of me but at the thought of what he might do to Alex.

"That was quite a party huh?"

He growled in response.

The End

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