Chapter Ten - "Keep dreaming Jayden."

"I cannot believe this," Jayden muttered as he tried grabbing the bowl of ice cream in front of me, but instead his hands kept going through.

"Well you better. You couldn't close the door back in the apartment. Why is this too hard to believe?" I whispered, trying not to let people around me think i'm talking to myself.

"I thought I was alive!"

The waitress stopped by again and collected my empty bowl of icecream and asked me, "Anything else," with a pleasent smile.

"Yep. I'm feeling particularly hungry tonight. Do you have pudding?"

"Of course we do."

I tried not to burst out laughing at the fact that Jayden was winking at the waitress and saying some particularly flirtatious lines at her, who was completely oblivous to the fact of his very existence.

"Ok then. I'd like to have rice pudding."

"Be right back Filomena."

I grinned at her as she walked away and looked at Jayden who was looking greatly downcast.

"Great, so the only person who can actually acknowledge my very presence is you," he muttered. "And to think, I actually thought I was alive."

"Keep dreaming Jayden," I whispered, smiling.

He narrowed his eyes at me but I was distracted by the absolutely delicious looking dessert that was making its way to me.

"Ooh! Thanks Clara. Awesome!"

"Hey lady! How many times should I ask you if you want to go out?!" Yelled Jayden on the top of his lungs as he stared after Clara's retreating figure.

I literally choked on the pudding in my mouth and started sniggering to myself.

"You'll find it amusing now Filomena," Jayden hissed, his eyes flashing dangerously. "Wait till you die, and you'll see how much living inside a person sucks."

"Thanks for the warning," I said cheerfully as I kept eating my pudding, ignoring Jayden who was now cursing about the fact that he was dead. Too bad I couldn't change that for him cause I'd be in peace too.

The End

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