Chapter Nine - A Late Night Stroll With A Soul

I couldn't sleep throughout the night. I tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position and drift off to dreamland, but no matter what, I just couldn't. Jayden was in my mind throughout the two hours of insomnia. How was I giong to deal with him?

First, he's a boy. A boy soul inside me competely ruins things.

Second, he comes alive each Saturday. What was I going to do with him at times like these?

Third, will we ever come to a compromise? Get comfortable with each other and not argue and fight all the time. I really hope so.

Finally giving up, I got up from bed and opened the door to my room loudly and switched the lights on. In front of me, Jayden was lying down on the couch, his arms behind his head, eyes open staring at the ceiling.

"Hello Filomena. Finally came back to your right mind eh?"

"Shut up," I snapped. He got up and made some room on the couch for me but instead, I paced back and forth in front of him.

"We need to sort things out, now. I hate not knowing what's going on. Anyway, can't you like communicate with God or something, and ask him what the hell this is about?"

"I don't think using the term "hell" will particularly help but no I cannot. Besides, I don't think I'm going to stay like this forever. Maybe by tommorow morning, I might be back inside you. I don't know, we just have to wait and see."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "By that you intend that we shouldn't get any sleep tonight?"

"Yes that's what I mean."

"Fine, I'm going out then."

I marched back into my room, throwing a pair of jeans and a tee out of my wardrobe.

"You're kidding, it's two in the morning. You're going out now?"

"Yes. Now go away so I can change."

Jayden smirked at me one more time, and left the room. I changed and walked out, fiddling with the keys in my hand and opened the door to the apartment.

"Well, bye then."

Just as I was about to close the door, I felt his hand wrap around my wrist.

"You're not leaving me behind. I'm coming with you."

He came out the door with me and reached for the knob to close it. His hand went right through, and he looked confused. He reached for the knob again but it went through the door.

"That's weird. I'm able to touch you but I can't touch the door knob," he muttered, frustrated as he tried holding it more. I pushed his hand away, and closed the door, locking the apartment.

"I don't care if you're coming or not but I'm going on without you."

I entered the elevator door as he followed me, half his body going through the metal as the doors closed on him.

"So where are we headed?"

"I'm headed to my favorite store, Hot and Cold."

"It's a date then," Jayden said grinning at me. I ignored him and waited for this sleepless night to come to an end.

The End

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