Chapter Eight - Saturday's Special

Jayden and I hadn't talked after all. There was complete silence from him through the rest of Week One that he spent inside me.  At first, throughout the whole silence, I thought he'd gone. I was so happy. But then he proved me wrong when he made the occasional groans when I ate spaghetti again.

Life with a soul inside you is very strange. It's as if your own soul is torn in half, and meant to share what belongs to you with a complete stranger.  Whenever I took a shower and came out, I looked at the wall in front of me whenever I changed, so he could never see part of my body. It made me uncomfortable. I was more concious of myself with him inside me.

It was now Saturday, the weekend was on and I wasn't sure how I was going to spend it. My friends had called me, asking if I wanted to go on a girls-night out but I declined the invitation. I sure wasn't up for it and I did not want to ruin their day with my moodiness.

But the weirdest thing happened on Saturday night. I'd spent the whole day just watching TV, going online, doing the normal stuff people do when they spend the weekend in their house. So I was totally unaware and not expecting what was going to happen.

I'd had a late dinner, due to my time of waking up. I was doing the dishes, wiping the ceramic plate with the sponge when I heard his voice.

I can't believe it.

"I thought we weren't on speaking terms Jayden."

Washing my hands and drying them with a towel nearby, I turned around and collided into someone.

"What the-?"

I looked up and stared into a boys face. He was handsome, with jet black hair and green eyes. His cheeks were flushed as he stared at me.


"That's not possible." I gasped, and moved past him. I collapsed on the couch in the living room and I felt him sit down next to me. He started poking me and said, "See, I'm back to life!"

I turned around to glare at him. "That can't happen. You didn't just come into my body to come back to life again. You're dead!"

"Thanks, Filomena. How very soothing that sounds to my ears."

Ignoring him, I continued. "There's got to be a reason. Is there anything special about today or something? Was this some important date in your life?"

He frowned. "Well, it's Saturday and it's half past ten. I was born on a Saturday at 10:30. Maybe that's why?"

I nodded. That made sense. But at the same time; I didn't want him to come out of me every Saturday. That would be very annoying.

"Anyway, I'm going to sleep."

I got up from the couch and headed to my room. He followed me and I whirled around to look at him. "What are you doing? You're not sleeping with me tonight!" He smirked at me. "Where else do you want me to sleep? On the couch?"

"Yes. Now shoo!"

I pushed him out the door and slammed it shut.

Jayden was out of me...and he is good looking...and he was going to live with me. Oh god..

The End

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