Chapter Seven - Jayden's Story Rant

Splash. The cold water drenched my face and made me feel better at once. The heat from outside had been killing me and this sensation was like an instant relief.

Standing straight up, I started removing my clothes and stepped into the shower. This was what I needed to cool off. The cold water hit me and I practically just stood there and enjoyed the feeling. I started rubbing shampoo in my hair but was suddenly disturbed by an alarmed voice, whose teeth chattered.

“It’s too cold!!”

“That’s your problem not mine! I love it,” I yelled in happiness.

“You a-are ins-sane,” Jayden stuttered.

“Speak for yourself.”

After enjoying about 30 minutes of that head shower, I got out and wrapped a towel around myself. Headed for my room, I sat down in front of the mirror and started drying my hair.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Jayden’s screams practically made me jump off my chair.

“WHAT now?!” I shouted.

“You’re-you’re-oh my god!!”

“Can you make any more sense Jayden?!”

“I can see what you see! And I saw you in a really short towel and I could see your…oh my god!!”

Feeling my cheeks burn up, I turned around, away from the mirror and hugged myself across the chest as if someone was watching me.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!”

“I forgot to!!!!” Jayden yelled back.

Shrieking with rage, I started changing into my clothes really fast looking straight ahead, so he couldn’t see anything but a black newly painted wall. My heart was still pumping fast as I looked at myself in the mirror wearing a tank top, which over I had worn a thin material jacket just so I wouldn’t be too revealing, and blue jeans. My long waist length black hair was dripping wet and my normally pale white face was now cherry red.

Jayden! You perverted little imbecile!”

“Don’t go around calling me that!! You don’t even know who I am!!! And it’s not like I wanted to see you, like-like-that!!!” He argued back.

“You could’ve at least told me the full details of this whole possessing thing!!”

“You’re the one who told me you didn’t want to hear my pathetic life and death story!!”

“Exactly! Life and death story is different from knowing what you can do or see when you’re inside me!! That’s totally different!! You could’ve told me about that then about your stupid story!!!”

Jayden didn’t say anything at all for a few minutes. My hands were curled in fists and I was glowering at my reflection as if it was Jayden. My face was livid with anger and I wanted him to know how I was feeling right now.

“Well…they both come together in the same way…I mean, it’s all about me ‘possessing’ you in the end anyway…”

Groaning, I sat down then said in a stern voice said, “Fine! Tell me EVERYTHING!! And I mean everything!!”

After sighing he continued, “Okay…so after shouting at you in the basketball game, I realized that I was able to talk to you. But only you were able to hear me and not others, I didn’t know that till afterward, I swear. Well, practically, I can hear what you hear, feel what you feel, touch what you touch, taste what you taste etc. It’s like I’m the copycat and you’re the original. I just do everything you do. That’s why today when you ate the spaghetti, I was groaning because I didn’t like it…and I never will.”

“Come to the point!” I snapped at him.

“Basically…I’m Jayden and I’m going to be a soul inside of you for one year until God decides if I’ll get put in heaven or hell or weather I’ll be with you forever.”

“A year? One full year?” I croaked.

“Yup! One FULL year! I’ll be leaving February 15 as the clock strikes midnight of next year because that’s when I came in your body!”

“Then God decides weather you’ll be inside me forever?”

“Yep, weird isn’t it? You probably think you’ve gone insane or something like th-”

“Why’d you have to come inside ME? Why not someone else?!” I complained.

“As if I want to be with a pessimistic girl like you. You’re the last person on Earth that I’d want to be inside!” 

“Then why did you choose me?”

“I didn’t choose you! I was stuck with you! I jumped off a cloud, like it shows in your dreams, and I just kept falling until I went straight into someone. That someone was you! I would’ve rather gone into someone more attractive or beautiful than you!” He snapped at me.

“Just so you can how they look after having a shower??? Thanks for all the compliments Jayden but you barely know me so you might as well shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself.”

With a huff, I stormed out of the room toward the kitchen, wishing that this annoying brat of a soul would just leave me alone.

The End

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