Chapter Four - Madness or Reality?

Walking back and forth in a fast pace in my room, I thought more about how my imagination had caused me to lose the game. I had imagined a voice and because of that voice, I lost my chance for my team to go into the state championship!

“This is crazy. I couldn’t have imagined the voice! It sounded so clear and loud, so real! But if I hadn’t imagined it, why is it that no one else had heard the voice! I’m going crazy!”

I had been talking to myself like this for just 10 minutes, but already my voice was starting to fade out. I stopped pacing the room and flopped down on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

“What-is-happening-to-me?” I croaked.

“I know!” Piped a voice, the same voice I had heard just a few hours ago.

Leaping off the bed, I looked around. No one was there except for my own reflection staring back at me, an expression of alarm all over its face. Anger stared boiling inside me again.

“This is psychotic! I can’t be imagining a voice from inside my head!” I yelled at myself.

“Well, you aren’t. You’re not imagining a voice from inside your head. It’s actually real! Plus…it’s more like the voice coming from your whole body instead…” The voice said, in a matter of fact voice.

“I really have gone insane!”

Grabbing a textbook from nearby, I started banging it on my head. Pain seared through my forehead but I ignored it and tried knocking back some common sense into my brain.

“OW! Stop it! My head’s starting to hurt!! Please, stop it!!! It hurts me!”

“Who exactly is me?!” I hollered, looking around frantically as if someone was playing a prank on me, and I was trying to catch them.

“I’ll-OW-tell you if you stop-OW-hitting yourself and me on the head!”

Dropping the book onto the floor, I marched off to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. My forehead was turning quite red and my face was cherry colored in frustration.

“Tell me, NOW!” I demanded it.

“Okay, it’s a long story…I’d rather suggest that you apply some kind of medicine first for both of us then you can-”

“Do you want me to go back and start hitting myself again?” I snarled.

After hearing a whimper, the voice said, “No, no. Never mind. I’ll just tell you.”

“I know this is going to sound insane but you’re going to have to start believing this story soon enough if you want to actually deal with the so called ‘voice’ in your head.

“My name is Jayden. I died a month ago in Yokohama, Japan. I had been food poisoned and well, ta duh, I was dead. Well, after I died I went to heaven and met God. Since I’m actually a Christian, I go along with the beliefs of Christianity after death. But if I’d been a Muslim or some other religion, then I would’ve done whatever their religion says about what happens after death.”

My mouth had fallen open at the story I was hearing from the voice. I had seriously gone loony.

“But anyway, I went to heaven and talked to God about what was going to happen to me. Mind you, God is more powerful then you think he is from what you read in the bible, he scared the Jesus out of me. I mean he’s GOD! How the hell was I supposed to know what was going to happen to my spirit or soul, whatever you call it, after I died?

“So well, I talked to him and he told me that people who die either get sent to heaven or hell. But some people are kind of “lost”. They can’t go to either place. So what happens to them is that they get a chance to live again in somebody else’s body. And well, I’m one of them.

“Plus, the dreams you’ve been having has to do with all this. The dreams started about a few weeks ago, right? Well, the dreams started coming right after I came in your body. But at that time, I still didn’t have the ability to communicate with you. So I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen. But then today, in the basketball game, I was finally able to speak!! So that’s why I had shouted and you heard me. Great! Rig-”

Thanks to you, I lost the game! You idiot!! If my team had won, we’d be going into state championship! Why couldn’t you find another time to talk to me?!” I yelled.

There was silence from Jayden and then he whispered, “Sorry?”

I stormed out the bathroom and toward my bed. Collapsing on it, I stuffed my head on the pillow and started banging on the bed with my hand. I didn’t notice I was crying till the pillow started soaking with tears.

“I didn’t know the game was important…I wouldn’t have yelled otherwise. I mean, I apologized right now…you don’t have to be crying…”

“You don’t understand!” I screamed, my voice came out muffled because of the pillow. “Everyone at school is going to be SO disappointed at me! They all thought that just because I was the team’s captain this year that we’d be going into state championship! I…I…I…Why’d you have to come into my body anyway?!”

“Filomena, I’m sorry but you’d understand if I told you the rest of my story…”

“Thanks Jayden,” I hissed “but I don’t want to hear the rest of your pathetic little life and death story. And if you really even cared, just shut up and leave me alone!”

Then before he could say anything, everything became black and I fell asleep.

The End

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