Chapter Two - Sweet Nightmares

I woke up, gasping for breath. Resting my head between my legs, I breathed in and out. I'd been having this same dream for two weeks now. It was like my personal alarm clock, waking me up, early in the morning, with a start. The dream always ended once the person jumped off.

I stood up and walked toward the mirror, staring into it. The reflection stared back. The tall girl with the thick, long black hair and dark brown eyes wasn't the person in my dream. The person who was jumping off from that floating space above the sky was me but I saw through the person's eyes so I couldn't see myself. I was probably anybody!

Putting a hand through my hair, I walked out of my bedroom toward the bathroom to take a shower. I was still wondering what my dream had meant. It had somehow, now become a haunting memory that flew through my mind every night and through the rest of the day.

I ran out the shower, quickly got changed, and then hurried out my apartment after having a quick but quenched breakfast. After jumping on the bust to go to school, I looked around and found a secluded seat for myself. Looking out the window, I thought to myself about my family.

With both my parents dead, my elder brother was the one who had been taking care of me since I was a kid. He watched over me all the time back home but after my parents had died in that accident, he was like a father to me himself. After growing up and becoming quite close, we were inseperable. But Bill had always been looking for opportunities that would give me the best education, with having brains like mine.

We had quite a heated arguement about me moving off to a boarding school; one that was famous, hard to get into and international standards. They had offered to give me a place and Bill had wanted me to take it. I however, refused. But here I am, living alone in an apartment, and now on my way to school in a bus. Just surprising how life turns out, eh?

The End

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