Chapter Sixteen - Irreconcilable

"Don't." He put a finger to my lips, stopping me from continuing whatever doubts I was about to spill on him. "Just don't start." We were in that position for a while, one of his fingers over my mouth as we stared into each others eyes. The only sound that could be heard was the movement of the air from the A/C and the silence killed me slowly inside. I wanted to know more about him and his past. Would it hurt him too much to ask?

"Jayden," I whispered against his lips. He dropped his hand and looked away from me, then swung his legs over the side of the bed and slipped his body out of the blanket. "Wait a second," I said, quickly crossing the bed and taking firm hold of his forearm, pulling him back to sit down. He turned his head sharply and glared at me, his emerald eyes flickering dangerously as he hissed, "Let go Filomena."

"No I won't." He wasn't patient enough to listen to me as he wriggled his arm out of my grip and walked out the room, leaving me kneeling on the bed and staring at the closed door in anger and frustration. I was only trying to help him. Why couldn't he understand that?

Sighing, I got off the bed and took the plates on the bedside table. Opening my bedroom door, I saw Jayden's figure seated on the couch with his arms crossed across his chest. His face was pulled into a frown and I could see it would take longer times before I'd get through him.

Dumping the plates into the sink, I walked back to him and sat down to his left. He continued glaring at the plain wall, refusing to acknowlegdge me. "Jayden, you know I'm only trying to help and if you tell me what's-"

"I don't need your help," he cut me and his voice was filled with fury. "Just get back to hating me and it'll be easier that way."

My gaze softened on him and I placed my hand on his but he quickly recoiled. I ignored him and said, "I don't hate you."

"Then act like you do."

"Acting is not a hobby of mine."

"Then make it one!"

"Whats your problem if I try to help?" I asked, my tone taking on one of frustration. He snapped back at me, "It's none of your business!"

"Well if you're staying in my body any longer, I have a right to know about you! If I'm dreaming about you all the time, it's not going to get any easier," I yelled at him. We both glared at each other, locked in an unspoken battle. He was the first to draw back with an, "Unnegotiable deal," and walked off leaving me once more with fists clenched and tears brimming at my eyes.

This is so unfair. I never knew helping someone would be so difficult. Or trying to would.

The End

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