Chapter Fourteen - A Soul's Memory

My cheek throbbed as I stepped back, staring at the angry face of my mother.

“You ungrateful little ass! Do you know how much your father has done for you? How much work it had taken him to get to this state? And now, you dare try and ruin all he’s done.”

“Mom, it was an accident,” I whispered, looking at the ground.

“Sure…this was an accident.”

She shoved the newspaper into my face, the front cover showing a picture of me, wedged between two girls, looking toxicated.

“You went to this party, knowing what you were going to do. Humiliate your father.”

“No mom, someone spiked my drink! You know I’d never do th-”

I didn’t see her hand this time either. Just in a flash, there was another pounding pain on the other side of my face. I was on the ground, holding my cheek as I stared up at her, hurt in my eyes.

“Shut up.” Her eyes flickered dangerously as she loomed above me. “We’re done with you. Go to your room.”

Wordlessly, I got up and walked inside my huge room, towards the mirror. My reflection was not at all the boy I’d always wanted to be. My black hair was messed up, my eyes were a dull green color, and my face expressionless except for the two handprints on either side of my face.

My eyes filled with tears that I slowly wiped away. I didn’t need to cry if my parents didn’t understand me…they just don’t understand. They never do. For so many times I’ve wished I wasn’t the son of a billionare business man, that I wasn’t the ‘prince’ of a rich family. Sometimes I wished I had a loving mother, a father who had time for me, a normal home…but I never had that.

And I never will.




My eyes flashed open and the light from outside my window played shadows on the ceiling. Getting up, I stood up and blinked at my reflection before opening my bedroom door and heading toward the couch. There, I found Jayden, the same boy I’d been in the dream staring at me, as if knowing I’d come.

His eyes were filled with tears that I’d never thought would be there. He wiped them away and directed his gaze to the floor. He’d had the same dream as me…I knew it…memories from his past come to haunt him in a way. It had happened. And in one way or another, I was going to know more about him through these dreams.


I stepped closer to him when he ignored me.

“Jay, look at me…”

I put my hand against his face and turned it so we were looking into each others eyes. His were filled with a sorrow, hurt and mixed emotions that swirled inside him. Then, I closed the distance between us, throwing my arms around his neck and falling into him on the couch.

He needed this…comfort. If I’d known he’d had experiences like those before, I would have helped him. But, his life was gone. He was dead and just a soul that lived on in me. I couldn’t have helped him…that was the undeniable truth.

The End

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