Chapter Thirteen - Gossip Gets Its Way Around

I hated how nearly the whole school had heard about the new phsyco-b****, me. And guess whose fault this all was? His.

"I swear to god Jayden, this is all happening because of you!"

I could see the stares of people boring into my back as I walked down the hallways of the school. Even my own friends were now avoiding me, apparently afraid that I would lash out on them.

It's because of that git, not my fault!

"Yeah, now you're turning into a git yourself."

Alex had spread the news that I had some kind of multiple personality. He'd been paying attention to the switch of my speech when I said "me" and Jayden said "her". Now everyone was thinking I was mentally disabled as well. Great.

That's a great thank-you for me helping you defend yourself.

"You did help me defend myself Jayden and I am greatful for that but that doesn't mean you should make me look like a maniac."

"Look there she is." I heard a geek point at me.

"She really talks to herself. You can see her mouth moving see. She really is loony."

I grind my teeth together and didn't move my lips to whisper to Jayden.

Wow, gossip does get its way around.

The End

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