Chapter Twelve - Threats

"I didn't think you'd be pissed off at him even till today."

It's been two days since the little 'incident' with Alex. And to my surprise, Jayden was still fuming with anger and refusing to speak much to me.

"Do you really care that much about me Jayden?" I asked him with a mock sweet voice dripping with honey.

No, he growled in response, I just hated the feeling of someone kissing me on my neck. I felt gay.

"Ha! Then how come when you possessed me you said, "Stay the you-know-what away from her?""

That's because I'm in your body and you're a 'her'.

"You've got an answer for everything," I whispered as I moved another step up the long cafeteria line.

Ha back at ya! Why do you want to know so desperately if I care about you that much or not? You're not developing feelings for me are ya, Filomena?

I shut up after that. That was the most he'd said since a while and I had a feeling it wasn't going to be the least.

But if you were I'd hate to say that it'd be an unrequited love. I mean..I just can't ever feel that way about you. I mean you're hot, don't worry 'bout that.

"Shut up Jay," I whispered, getting irritated.

It's not the looks that matter in a relationship but the personality and clearly, I don't like your behavior. It's too...what can I call it..shallow? That's the perfect word.

"SHUT UP JAY!" I yelled. People jumped around me and looked at me, alarmed. "Sorry," I muttered. "Now will you shut up before I go and smash my head against a wall?"

That really did make him quiet but I knew very well, he'd start again soon. Stepping out of the line, I dumped my empty and clean food tray on a table nearby and started walking out the cafeteria.

I'm hungryy! Go back!

"Deal with it."

Just as I set step out the cafeteria, I regretted the very fact that I had not listened to Jayden.

"Filomena! Wait!"

"Hell..." I recognized that voice...just like Jayden did. From whiney he turned back to his werewolf like self, starting to growl.

Tell him to f*** off.

I started power walking as fast as I could and when I heard the footsteps behind me, I broke into a run. Good thing I was the captian of the basket ball team, I was going to need all the practice I'd done to outrun Alex.

But just as I thought I was away from him, I felt his hands wrap around my wrist.

"Stop," he ordered. He turned me around so I could see his face and I gasped in shock when I did. A huge bruise that was now a sickly shade of yellow was covering his jaw. "Look what you've done to me."

The git deserves it, tell him I said that.

"Are you happy now Filomena?"

Tell him you're delighted.

"Will you shut up?" I hissed.


"Ok fine I will, and I'll do something else."

And before I could make any sense of what both of them were saying to me, Alex crushed his lips against mine. The next second, a sickening crack filled the empty air.

"I swear to god! Touch her again and you're dead!"

"Filomena?" Alex said in shock, holding the left side of his face.

"Don't ever come near her again! Do you hear me?! You sick bas****! If you ever touch her, it'll be worse then just a few punches you git!"

And with that, I, or should I say Jayden, marched off.

Would you please stop possessing me?

Now I was the voice in my head which was now his.

"Filomena, you don't understand how that felt for me."

My heart thumped fast if it was even possible. What was he saying?

"Getting kissed on your lips by someone the same sex as you is just BLERGH!"

Really, Jayden , really?

The End

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