Chapter 1 - Soul Taker's Duty

A killer slays a group of warriors. Boasts of his ability. His hands stained with blood. Thinks that he can defy the God Antyras.

"I am invincible. Not even the God Antyras can defeat me!", he shouted across the land, as he looked upon the dead bodies layed out before him. His own hands bloodstained.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a figure emerged. Walking straight towards the killer. The bloodstained killer laughed and said, "I just killed 20 warriors, in a few moments. How soon will it be that I kill the 21st one. Who the hell are you to me?!"

The figure said, "You are wrong!"


"I sent only 19 of your victims to the Lord, the Master, Antyras. 10 are lost souls. 9 are martyrs of war. Antyras will deal with them accordingly. The 20th one is alive, as I spared him. He still has a purpose in life".

"Just fight me! Try and kill me if you dare", said the killer

The figure didnt move but said, "I'm not here to spill your blood..."

A wounded warrior got up almost staggering, just behind the killer, and thrust his sword through his back and out through his chest.

The figure that stood in front of the dying killer said, "...I am simply here to take... your soul!"

The End

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