The Case of the Filthy Rich? Ghost

Al wasn't sure how to react at first. Those on the other side always knew if someone was possessed or not. They could sense each other, however faintly. Just like how Dante had found the ghast earlier, they were always minutely aware of each other. To be both? No, maybe she was freshly dead. She might have seen a possessed man and he came after her. 

Or maybe someone with an ability like Al or Flynn... 

"Flynn do you think..."

"That we just encountered something, like, way worse than Darth Vader?"

Al nodded and looked back at the ghost girl. "Do you want to stay with us? We can protect you." FLynn flexed his arm, which actually was a bit larger than when they were in school, and smiled widely. "Whatever side they are on, they can't beat us."

"Plus," Flynn added, "I'll hear them coming a mile away. I'm like a Spiderman, Aragorn, and Anakin pie, with extra awesome stuffed in there."

"Why those three?"

"First that came to mind, of course. Plus, Spiderman has the spidey-sense, which is like my own crazy senses, Anakin has those super reflexes, though I wish he didn't kill the Younglings. Still mad about that. And Aragorn is... Well, he's just awesome and-"

"Too bad you aren't like a random storm trooper."

Flynn gave him a sideways look. "Why you say that, Al?"

"Only one line at a time." Flynn laughed but Al let him be. The man was a comfort to be around, even if he did talk a lot sometimes... Al looked at the girl. Her clothes placed her death to the last fifty years, but something about her made Al want to believe she was freshly dead with a bad fashion sense in life. "What's your name?"

She rubbed her face, wiping the ethereal tears away. Those on the other side functioned... oddly. "Valeri Drake."

"Mind if I call you Val?" She nodded. "Alright, Val," Al said, pointing towards his apartment. "Go in there and try to relax. I have a friend on your side keeping watch. His name is Nemo. Tell him I sent you and tell him I said 'Ahoy' and he will keep you safe. Understood?"

She nodded and left, not waiting. 

"Drake, huh?" Flynn said, rubbing his chin. "Why couldn't I get a cool last name like that?"

"Guess we're doing another free job."

Flynn clapped Al's shoulder, smiling at his shorter friend. "Come on, don't be so down. She might be guarding say... some gold from an age long past and give it to us for being valiant guardians and solving this case! I might even get me a car with this payout! What kind you think I should get?"

Al shook his head. He wasn't a car person. He liked to walk. Streets were crowded enough. "Um... a small one?"

"Nah, see, I'm thinking..."

Al zoned out while Flynn rambled on about what he would get, which... somehow... devolve into something about comets hitting the earth. Al never could keep up with his train of thought, though. He was distracted by his own feeling of dread. How she said 'him' wasn't natural.... 

He walked with Flynn down to the bar to get some food for the afternoon. It was getting late and they needed food anyway. No use worrying about it quite yet.

The End

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