Case of the Body Snatcher

Al Phonse and Flynn Eindride are detectives of a very unique sort. They focus solely on the cases involving the dead using their supernatural powers. Graduates of Decorus Virtus Academy, a school made to teach those with gifts like theirs, they both look to make a positive impact with their powers.

The house was new, unlike the man Al had traveled to in the last few years. They usually were falling apart or had a long history of violence and mysteries. The usual stuff. But this house - 112 Sanford Street - was built only seven years back and had no history of note. Why would a ghast be here?

"Maybe it's a murder victim?"

Al shook his head. "No, Dante. It would take far longer for a spirit to become a ghast. That or..."

The ghost, Dante, walked ahead of Al, farther into the house. Flynn would stay outside for the moment. Dante and Al could handle this much. "I'm guessing something really foul happened to the spirit to change it?"

"Hm, possibly." Al walked around the house, searching each room. Most were still furnished since the movers had all run away in fear. Well, most of them. The unlucky ones were recovering in the hospital. Where was the base of the haunting?

"I feel something in the upstairs bedroom, Al," Dante said, his ethereal form solidifying for a moment. He had chosen to appear in a top hat and long coat. Victorian style, then? The ghost never could stick with one style. The advantages of being dead, he would say. 

"On it." Al moved to the suspected area, wary of his surroundings. He missed Annie, his little sister and former ghost companion, at times like these. Dante was smart, but Annie had more of a knack for feeling out the other spirits. But, she had moved on. 

Al shook his head, banishing his memories of his old school. He had to focus. 

The air hung heavy on the second floor, but otherwise nothing stuck out. Really now, hiding still? Al pulled a vial out of his pocket and downed the contents. His eyes took a second to adjust from the effects, but he started to see the familiar silver lines in the air. Marks from a passing spirit. They all lead to the second room on the right.

"Nice work, Dante."

The ghost smiled. "I'm simply that great is all." 

The door opened easily. 

"This ghast is being a-"

Pressure slammed into Al, freezing him into place. Dante's voice called for him, but Al couldn't make out the words. His vision went blurry and he collapsed. Focus! This was elementary by now! Al slowed his breathing and stood up defiantly, confidence filling him. 

The ghast - and the pressure it was exerting - left Al in a flash, leaving the malformed spirit on the ground beside a dresser. Al wiped the sweat from his eyes as he observed it. It was a man - or was one - with a large beard and rough dark hair. Its eyes had gone hollow, though, and small tendrils had started to come out of his body in various places. This ghast had been around for some time.

"Dante, grab it." 

Al searched the room. What could possibly made a ghast like this?

There! On the dresser was an old sword in a case. The silver lines came to a point on the blade. Flynn would be happy about this at least. The blade was similar to Aragorn's sword in Lord of the Rings. Al charged the blade as Dante tried to wrestle the ghast down. If they could get the two together it would stun the thing. 


Al grabbed the sword from the case and turned to see Dante stepping through the wall. 

"Where is it?"

"Outside. It got in some guy out there."

Al frowned. "Flynn can handle them until we get there. Let's go!"

The End

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