Chapter Two

It was winter, and because it was England, Emily had been outside only half an hour before it started to go dark. Emily's parents didn't mind that she was outside in the dark, though, because they could see her through the kitchen window.

Emily had been trying to catch the fish in the pond when she noticed the other girl. She looked a lot like Emily, except that the girl had blonde hair and grey eyes, whereas Emily had black hair and brown eyes. Emily was about to talk to the girl, but she suddenly ran away. Emily followed her to the forest near the house, which was just out of view from the window. Emily's parents didn't notice this because they were talking.

"Wait!" Emily called. The girl stopped and turned around. "Hello," Emily said. "What's your name?"

"Elixa," the girl smiled. "What's yours?"

"Emily," Emily answered happily, glad to have found a friend to play with. "You're very pretty."

"Thank you. You're very pretty too." Elixa grinned.

"How old are you?" Emily asked.

"How old are you?" Elixa answered with the same question.

Emily giggled. "Six."

"Me too!" Elixa exclaimed. "I found you!"

"Were you looking for me?"


"Why?" Emily asked, confused as to why anyone except her mum and dad might be looking for her.

"I don't know." Said Elixa."Someone told me to."

"Oh. Can I take a picture of you?" Emily asked.

"Why?" Elixa frowned.

"I always take a picture of my friends," Emily told her.

"Ok then," Elixa smiled. Emily ran to get her camera, which was a Polaroid camera so that her parents wouldn't have to take her to get the pictures developed.

"Smile!" Emily grinned, holding the camera up to her eyes and clicking the button. Elixa caught the photo and shook it to reveal a picture of the smiling girl, which Emily put into her pocket. "Can you come and play?"

"No, sorry, I've got to go." Elixa sighed.


"I don't know, I've just got to go" Elixa said. "But I can show you some magic."

"Yes please!" Emily grinned.

Elixa stepped back and closed her eyes. Then slowly, slowly, she faded away.

Emily stared in amazement. "Elixa?" she asked quietly, then more loudly, "Elixa?"

There was no answer, so Emily just walked back to the house.

The End

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