Soul SeekersMature

Right now, there are only a couple things I know for sure;
One, I'm definitely still not normal. Far from it.
Two, My father now hates me. But it was only a matter of time.
And lastly, the people I moved in with are....different. Kind of like me.
I'm Silver Bramwell, and this is the story of how my life turned upside down.


1. No Goodbyes


            I knew things were really bad this time. I knew that I was in serious trouble. I feared for what would happen to me, because my father got up from his big chair and came over to me. Although he didn’t look mad, I knew this was serious. He never got out of his chair to punish me, he always just yelled at me from a distance.

            Not this time, though. He heavily raised himself from the big old rocking chair and came over to me. I could smell the mint leaves he was always chewing as he breathed into my face. I hadn’t seen him get up in such a long time, I’d for gotten how much bigger he was then me.

He towered over me and I was the disappointment in his stone cold eyes.

“You’ve gone it this time,” he told me in a gruff and tight voice. “You really have.”

I stayed silent and looked into his face without blinking. He was my father, and I felt that one day, I would have to become a better person then him. He was an old man now, and soon I would be an adult, it was time to show him that I wasn’t a kid anymore.

  I kept staring into his eyes like I wasn’t scared and stayed perfect still and quiet. I would not cower at his gaze anymore, I would not cry at his insults and accusations. I was standing up to him for once in my life. And it felt good.

“I’m not a kid anymore, dad.” I stated tonelessly. My voice came out smooth and fearless, just as I had hoped. Although I didn’t seem to feel the same self assurance inside. My mind was constantly telling me to back down, to give in like all the other times, but I knew that deep down inside, I needed to stand up.

Something like anger flared in my father’s eyes, and he raised a quick hand to smack me across the face. My step mother, who was standing on the other side of the room, gasped. I however, simply kept my eyes on my father, just as cold as his own, and gave him a little smug grin.

“You, child, will listen to what I say,” he growled at me. I tried hard to keep my posture right, my face straight and my eyes from filling. I didn’t like making father mad, but I needed to show him that I wasn’t weak. So I simply stared back at him with no expression at all.

“You will do as I say. Now,” he growled and picked up my back pack which I’d simply thrown beside the couch. “You will take whatever is in this bag, no more, and you will leave. You will get out of my house, and you won’t come back, not unless I tell you to. Which I will not.”

This took me by surprise. I looked down at the bag that he was thrusting into my hands and took a hold of the straps. Swinging it over my shoulder and walked towards the door. As I turned the  knob, my father called to me.


I looked around, kind of hoping that he was changing his mind or see that he was just kidding with me. But his face didn’t seem to be joking, and it definitely hadn’t softened.

“You’re no daughter of mine.”

I gave him one last mono-expressioned glance, and pushed the door open, leaving my house forever.


The End

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