We were all to meet that night again at a hotel that was far more famous than the one I'm staying at where a table had been reserved for eight people, at eight o' clock in the evening. Those eight people included us Black Cards, and then the Representative of Amfer, Andrew Clayton, and then London's mayor Brian Parkinton.

I wondered if I had to dress neatly, since it was the Representative and the mayor, and Mavis had solved that by making me wear a casual pale purple suit, minus the tie. She even pointed out that even if I feel overdressed, suits were my usual wear so no one's gonna notice or care.

I guess she's right about that, because suits are now my normal clothes, I don't even notice when I put them on.

I feel as though I'm a noctornal person; in the daytime, I'm erratic, annoyed, and ever bothered, and easily bored, too. At night, I'm prety energetic and full of energy.

So when I saw our absent fellow with white hair and grey-blue eyes walking down the corridor towards me with a scowl completing his face as usual, I didn't even bother to catch what was bothering him - or the fact that he was bothered, either.

Instead, greeted him with a super sucker punch with a grin.

Tried to.

He dodged and I just barely managed to slip past his retaliating uppercut.

You're late, Hunter,” I said. Then I noted that he was dressed in a gray suit.

Almost had to laugh.

He looked so out of place with the gray suit, even if it matched him perfectly.

Before I could, he cut across me: “If you so much as say a squeak about what I look like, I'll slit your throat.”

Even if-

I stopped at that thought when I saw his eyes turn murderous. Yeah, he reads minds.

When he was gone, I finished my thought: Actually, he looks rather good in that suit. Though . . . there's something missing there. Besides his manner in it.

But – he'd still slit my throat if I even said so, and I will never know whether he'll take that as a compliment or not.

Kaden, where's that freaking Hunter?” called Yuu's voice. Now, he was using a different accent: Amfer's indifferent, casual way of speaking. I guess he thought he should use it now that there were no British people here.

Just went by,” I said. “Why?”

He forgot his tie!” Yuu held up a black silk object.

So that's what made him more strange. He missed the tie.

If you so much as try to make me wear that thing, I will kill you!” Hunter bellowed down the corridor.

Boy, his mind-reading skills are way more powerful in range, one day he'll be able to read every emotion of even a city's population,” said Yuu, looking at the tie. “So, what do we do about this tie? Representative Clayton personally chose this for Hunter.”

Abandon it, I guess?” I said.

Yuu raised it in front of me. “How about you wear two ties at the same time?”

Are you kidding? I'm not. And not when it's something for Hunter.”

Footsteps came running towards us, and soon, Seven, Akuchi, and Alpine were catching up to us.

What are you doing standing there? We're got to hurry, or the meeting's going to be over!” Seven yelled.

We hurried down the corridors.

The End

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