All of us were here as the Black Cards: Amfer's own weapon of choice that equals the strength of an army. That's the power of all six of us combined.

In fact, that was our purpose as the Black Cards in the first place: Amfer's government weapon, to take down enemy organizations and terrorist groups that endanger the world.

And I take my position seriously, because it's important. And when a Black Card doesn't show up, I get irritated.

Where's Hunter?” I growled, irritated by his absence.

Sorry, Kaden, he's coming later,” said Yuu with a shrug.

I sighed, smacking my forehead.

Second-Rank: Hunter. The only person who dares breaking Amfer's rules that run through the Black Cards. If anything, it looks like he enjoys nerving people. In a bad way.

Hunter's prominent ability is to control force. Basically, the force of anything. If I should throw a rock at him, he'd be able to stop it in mid-air, double or tripple the strength of the force, then send it back to me. It always made him look as if he was the next Armageddon, though, the mad way he controlled his ability.

Yeah, unlike me, he's on the verge of insanity anyway; he's been a Black Card practically since he was a child, a long time before me. But now, I was the one stronger. He was also supposed to be smarter than me. He could also read minds.

But I was still made the First-Rank for some reason.

I shouldn't bother too much about him. So far, I'm the only sane Black Card with a normal personally.

At least, that's what I thought at this time.

You came too early,” said Alpine, looking up from her phone towards me. “Why didn't you wait?”

I made a face. “My parents were about to have a business meeting here, so we decided to tag along to save time. It's convenient, anyway. Oh, that's the tour guide we hired for the trip, and my current assistant.” I pointed with my thumb towards Ulrich, who waved.

Hello, sweetheart,” he said with a grin to Alpine.

Seven grabbed him by the collar. “Save your-” Then she stopped, looking at the Black Cards' Killwing.

Alpine looked at him dumbly. “Hah? I don't have heart-shaped sweets.”

She's innocent,” I muttered.

"Too innocent,” Yuu muttered.

So she won't understand even if I called her 'honey'?” said Ulrich with a grin.

Alpine was tapping on her phone, ignoring him.

She didn't hear me, huh?” said Ulrich.

Seven turned back to him. “You can either cut your tongue off right now, or shut your flirting attitude with little girls your age and do your work.”

Hey, hey, I'm not into little girls, okay? I know I'm thirteen,” Ulrich said, waving his hands dismissively.

Try not being into any girls at work,” Seven hissed.

Ever the maiden savior, Seven is.

And I can read your thoughts, Alander,” she turned towards me with a growl.

Remind me to put up a mental barrier anytime I'm near telepathic psychics,” I grumbled to Mavis.

Yeah, okay,” she said, chuckling at Seven.

But if you're thirteen, you shouldn't even be working as tour guides, even for us Black Cards,” said Yuu, in a British accent. I had almost thought it was another English citizen, because the accent was from this country, and was yet startled to see that it was him and he'd imitated it perfectly.

Oh, I took over from my dad, 'cause he's been sick and bedridden for a while, so I aquainted myself with them,” said Ulrich with a shrug. “They let me take the job over.”

I hope your dad gets better,” said Yuu with a frown. “It's not responsible for a father to make his son do his job.”

Ulrich was looking at him curiously. “Your British accent is imitation, right?”

Oh, yeah, it is,” said Yuu.

He spent a whole day yesterday looking at videos from British people and listening to them so that he could mimick them,” said Alpine.

That's nice, but – I could beat you up if you were mimicking it just to make fun of my country,” said Ulrich. “Even if you're a Black Card. Even if I'm weaker than you are.”

You would do to show some respect, Ulrich,” I snorted.

It's nothing, really,” said Yuu, waving his hand dismissively. “I thought it would better if I speak this country's language this way. That, or no one understands you if you don't use their accent even if you say something that your people would normally understand.”

What's your normal accent, then?” asked Ulrich. "From your home country?"

Yuu looked a little mischievious. “You sure you want to know? It's awkwardly stiff for the Japanese to speak English.”

Let's hear it,” said Seven.

Yuu grinned, then said something completely incomprehensible.

Ulrich, Seven, Alpine, and I stared at him dumbly, wondering what was that about, if he was making fun of us. Then we realized that what he'd actually said, “How is this?”

It really is hard to understand that,” Ulrich blurted.

Yuu laughed cheerfully. He got us there. I guess we'll be listening to that imitation English accent of his everyday.

We're going, you guys! Come on!” Mavis called, as she and Alex, who were about to leave us behind, looked back at us.

Sorry, sorry, I'll lead the way!” Ulrich called, as the rest of us went after them.

The End

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