"Emma, you remember when the Soul Reaper's mythical story stopped spreading?" asked Seven as she wrapped her hands around a mug of hot chocolate. She'd given one to Emma by now, while the two boys loitered at the balcony. Ulrich had made two more, one hot for himself, one rather cold for Kaden.

Kaden always preferred cold drinks to hot.

Right now, though, he obviously needed his time to think. That, or he might blow up someday soon.

Boy, and he can't even talk about his own story to Emma either.

At Seven's question, Emma glanced at Kaden; he looked rather blank since she realized that he was the Soul Reaper. The only Black Card that she thought to respect because of the heroics he pulled in his role as a Black Card.

But to think that it was this strange, unknown kid from a school that mixed rich kids and the norm, and to think that he actually lived poorly in this small dorm apartment, was beyond what she remembered being told about the Soul Reaper. Or Shadowalker.

What happened?” she muttered.

Have you met the other Black Cards, aside from you?” asked Seven.

Huh? Um – no, they are busy with their own lives, so I've never met them,” said Emma.

Recall all six of them. The current ones,” said Seven. “Their names, their age, their abilities, their nicknames, their current lives. We'll start with that. Begin with the Sixth-Rank.”

Emma frowned, then said, “The Sixth-Rank is Lily Gayle, 18 years old. Nicknamed the Red Storm she has a mental ability of puppeteering, in which she excelled at really fast, and apparently loves fire. Currently, she is a freshman in her university year at the Evictis Academy.

The Fifth-Rank – uh, we'll skip it, cause that's me.”

Currently, you're currently the youngest one, too,” said Seven with a smile. “Just fourteen years old. Which means, you became a Black Card at twelve years old, like Kaden. Oh, I heard you go record-breakingly fast.”

Well . . . yeah, that's right,” said Emma.

'Moving on . . .”

Right, the Fourth-Rank is Bryson Clemmens, 20 years old. Simply called Battery, with an ability he also called Battery, but I guess that's because he can gather and steal energy from anywhere and power himself up. He can also turn himself into a living bomb, without exploding himself.

Third-Rank is Tristan Blake, 15 years old, uses alchemy. The Alchemist, simply called. Actually, I don't know much about him, nor his ability, just that he can exchange and recreate things out of nowhere.

Second-Rank is . . . said to be Shadowalker, or Soul Reaper, because no one knows his name, and I won't even expect Kaden to be there . . . All I know before was that he was just a myth, and no one knows who he is. And the only one with two nicknames.

And then the First-Rank, Light, which is also his nickname; real name unknown. 15 years old. He uses something that people say is similar to controlling force. I don't know much about that person either.”

Seven smiled. “An what about the Black Cards who were around before you joined? Like those who were your predecessors, those who retired?”

That made Emma's face sweep blank. “Eh?”

That's right, who was the Fifth-Rank Black Card before you joined?”

Uh – um – I never met that person . . .”

Of course,” said Seven. “Before you, and the ranks, third, fourth, and sixths joined, the others were all quite aquainted with each other. There used to be a tradition that all Black Cards must meet each other. Now, they don't, and aren't even prompted to.

I'll tell you now, who they were. And why now, no one thinks to make you all meet again.

And Soul Reaper's name.”

The End

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