We returned back to my dorm apartment, which everyone crashed.

Normally, I'd hate visitors and kick them out, but knowing I need to keep an eye on Emma, and needed the help of both Seven and Ulrich, I had to shut my mouth.

Not that I care. Right now, I wanted to think hard, so I stepped out onto the balcony. Seven had Emma warmed up and sitting in front of my fireplace, so while the two girls talked, Seven recalling my past, which I knew that she knows pretty well, having been there herself, I stepped towards the balcony and looked out towards the Immorta Caste. Ulrich was curled up on my sofa. Lucky him; he won't be having any trouble with losing his powers.

I pulled out my phone and rang up Dr. Avison's number.

After a minute of ringing, the phone was answered. “Hello, Dr. Avison speaking, how may I help you?”

It's Kaden. Look at the call log once in a while so you know who's calling. And this is your damn phone.”

Ah, how is Miss Gray?”

Recovering from shock after she realizes that I'm Soul Reaper,” I said. “Anyway, how are things on your side?”

“ Oh, so she's figured it out,” said Dr. Avison. “As for our side, we've still got nothing.”

Not even one hint?”

No. But I think that in order to do that, you might need to look back at your own Immorte Caste. Maybe. But we'll try to look for a solution, too.”

I'll give you a call when I think up of something, too. Well, in this case, anything can do.”

After hanging up on the eccentric doctor, I frowned out the window.

Shadowalker was actually my original nickname, before another person, I don't know who it was, called me Soul Reaper because of my scythe. I used to approve of it, liking how dark and cool that name was, but changed my mind after a certain incident that I knew traumatized my sister and – killed a friend of mine.

I put my phone away and sank down to crouch against the balcony, then jumped when I realized that Ulrich had been crouching at my feet with two mugs of what looked like cocoa or coffee.

"Why are you here?"

"Cold cocoa to cool things down for you," said Ulrich. "And I already knew that you would sink down right here because this corner is where you're always sitting at when you need to think about something."

"Okay, but you don't have to scare me by sitting right at my feet like you predicted what I'll do."

"I know what you'll do it's easy to predict it," he said. "More like that. Was that the doctor you called?"

Oh, good, a change of subject.

Yeah, what is it?” I asked, frowning.

Nothing, just wondering if you're okay with letting Seven tell the girl,” said Ulrich. “I mean, we only knew each other for just a couple of hours since you brought her back. And, of course, she would be shocked when she knew who the Soul Reaper really was.”

I grimaced. I really wish no one had given me that name.

The End

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