Chapter 3.1: ImpossibleMature

I was met with a blank face before she gasped, "That's not true. You can't be the Soul Reaper."

Why can't I?” I asked.

That still can't make you the Soul Reaper! You can't be! You can't be!”

I frowned.

Seeing my expression, Emma struggled to find an answer. "You're not a - someone - no one knows - you-" She clenched her fists and shot out, "The Soul Reaper was supposed to be a genius that he could have been more respected in school."

I sighed. “Sure, if I put my brains to my subjects, I'd be on my way to graduation faster.”

She looked at Ulrich and Seven, both of whom looked at her with expressionless glances, without answering.

You can't be . . .” she gasped. “Or . . . was I being tricked by you?”

She stared at me hard.

I sighed. “Well, okay, I gotta admit, only a little.”

Her eye flared.

Calm down, really!” I cut in. “I have reasons to why I don't want to say my nickname.”

But you could have just told me!” Emma snapped. “Why didn't anyone say so? You even said that the Soul Reaper was a myth!”

Could've been smart enough to figure it out if you weren't contradicing it with thinking that I'm a normal guy,” I said. Then I showed her my scythe. “I don't even like the nickname of Soul Reaper. Shadowalker's better than that. As for Soul Reaper . . . 'Reaper' is the name of this scythe.”

That event with the Immorta Caste, the one Dr. Avison mentioned to you,” said Seven. “That was his doing, too.”

Emma gasped, staring at me. The she sighed. “Right . . . Dr. Avison called, saying he was making his rounds through the Black Cards . . . I knew there was something strange but I decided to wait till the situation of the Immorta Caste was over. He called you because you're the second rank . . . right?”

The emotions in her were swirling wild, between anger and shock and helplessness.

Sorry, Emma,” said Seven. She glanced at me. “Hey, should I tell her?”

About what?” asked Emma, startled.

My Immorta Caste?” I asked.

"That's a sensitive subject we're telling to someone we just met," said Ulrich, frowning at Seven.

But Seven looked at me calmly. It was a question to me, I have to answer.

“Go ahead,” I said finally.

The End

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