The location, a street not far from a corner of Falkland Academy, which I didn't expect the place to be, was swarming with Shadows, instead of humans.

I felt several emotions spinning in Emma, of pain, confusion, rage and determination.

And of hatred. Of her being weak right now.

Ulrich and I looked at the battlefield we were about to enter.

I don't think I need to fight, if you're here, Kaden,” said Ulrich.

Really,” I said with a sigh. “So I'm gonna fight alone?”

You want help? You're a baby, if you need someone to join you destroying these Shadows,” said Seven.

I sighed, then walked towards the Shadows. “Bow back to the darkness, Shadows. Now.”

The Shadows winced as they backed from me, while I walked towards them. They spread apart and made way for me. They always did, as usual.

But then there was a break of concentration, and two shadows attacked me with a jump.

I waved my hand, creating a scythe, and slashed through them, just as several more attacked at me, having been encouranged by the first two.

Now, I had to fight at full fury, against hundreds of Shadows. I slashed through those who attacked me, moving fast, spinning the scythe.

Somehow, I found myself beside Emma, who was sealed in a crystal barrier created by Ulrich, who was shooting white light around in wide arcs that resemble blades that turned shadows into crystal rock. Seven was working as expertly as her level of a Bronze Law fighter worked, with a pair of knives she always carried around everywhere, her movements lightning fast as she slashed through the shadows with a calm face.

I slashed through five Shadows at a time.

Impossible! How does a low-ranker like you have enough power to kill five all at once?!” Emma demanded.

Do you question people in the middle of a fight?” I asked.

A lot of things are happening by now, and I can't take it!” Emma yelled. “And free me from his barrier! Even if I can't use my abilities, I can fight with weapons!”

Man, I really didn't want to tell you anything yet, because if you're this kind of person, you'd be an inquisitive little busybody,” I sighed. “Fine, I'll ask you again, Em. Do you believe that a lowly-ranked guy called Kaden Alander exists?”

Why does that matter?” Emma demanded.

I sensed a demon behind me, and I turned. With a simple swing of my scythe in one arm, the Shadow was in half.

But Ulrich was right. With me alone, I can end this.

I glanced at Emma. “So, what do you think?”

Emma was staring at the Shadow I just slashed down. “You're . . . not normal, are you?”

Well, I don't have my jacket at the moment to prove the myth to you, but I hope you can be patient enough to wait for the answer of that question,” I said, turning my back to her. “But you'll know the answer when you take away the belief that I'm not just Kaden Alander. And I'll ask you a question: Who the hell am I?”

Emma stared at me.

Guys, duck!” I said, raising my scythe.

So you'll use that, anyway?” said Ulrich, breaking the barrier around Emma before grabbing her and pulling her to the ground.

Seven sighed. “Well, whatever. The faster, the better, I guess.”

This move, that I randomly called Shadow Blade, is one where I swing the scythe wide. Resonating from the blade is a dark shadow that cuts through the city for over forty meters before disappearing with the Shadows, clearing the roads.

Kaden, above you!” Seven shouted.

I looked up and signalled to the dark ground.

Darkness shot out of the ground and captured the Shadows then pulled them down, and I clenched my fists. No one needs to know what happened to the Shadows in the darkness.

Then I dissolved my scythe.

You are . . . the Shadowalker . . .” gasped Emma.

Finally got it in your head, I see,” I said. “A Black Card shouldn't get distracted by facts given to her.”

That means . . . you're not a low-rank, but – the Second-Rank of the Black Cards?” she gasped.

Yeah. Soul Reaper.”

The End

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