"How?" asked Emma. "I just said I'm stronger. I mean, just a while ago, I was feeling really weak, but now, I'm better."

Because you're still linked to the Immorta Caste,” said Seven. “That link is what's keeping you fine. And you'll feel more stronger. More willing. More light-hearted. More gifted. And I don't know the outcome. Dr. Avison said that you might die, right? It's artificial power filling you, and all of it is not yours.”

Then – how do I stop it before people die?!” Emma dropped her head, hands clutching over her head.

Don't you care about yourself?” I asked.

How can I, when, even without knowing, I've done something so wrong? I don't know what that event that the Shadowalker got involved with and how it happened, and I feel sorry for him, but I'm determined not to let it happen again!

I looked at the Immorta Caste. Just as there was a beeping sound, the same moment my phone vibrated, because I always put it on vibrate when messages come.

Emma was first to pull out her phone, the cause of the beeping, then stared at it. Then she gasped. “No way . . .”

What's wrong?” I asked.

The Shadows are appearing again, just after I passed out just now,” she clenched her fists. “I have to fight.”

No!” Seven lunged forward and grabbed Emma.

W-what?” Emma gasped.

Listen, if you use your powers, you'll be using not only your powers, but someone's life in your powers,” said Seven. “Don't you dare risk using your powers at all!”

Emma stared at Seven incredulously. “So . . . I can't fight? This is a Black Card emergency, I have to go! If I can't, then – I can't do my job-”

Jeez,” I said, getting to my feet to silence the vibration on my phone. “Ulrich, can you use your powers in place of Emma's?”

I don't feel like saying yes,” said Ulrich. “But if its you, I guess I shouldn't decline.”

Wait – what are you guys talking about?” asked Emma.

I'm gonna take your job of chasing down these Shadows,” said Ulrich, shaking his wrist. A slender stick appeared in his hands. “Okay, let's move.”

I'm going, too!” said Seven. “But you'll have to stay down, Emma.”

We'll take a shortcut,” said Ulrich, pointing to the side of the dorm roof.

Hey, you-” Emma paused, apparently confused as she jabbed her finger at my friend.

Ulrich,” said Ulrich.

Yeah, you, Ulrich! I thought you said you're not an Esper? You can't fight a Shadow without Esper abilities!”

Ulrich held up the stick in his hand as I ran over to the railing of the roof.

I'm not an Esper, and I never said I was a normal human in the first place,” said Ulrich cheerfully. “I'm a wizard! A very, very powerful one, if I may say so myself.”

Seven dragged Emma towards the railing of the roof, too, and Ulrich grinned.

Jump.” He said, and hopped over the railing towards the empty air.

Which was replaced by a thick ice-like disk.

I hopped onto it, and Seven helped Emma on.

What – what?” Emma gasped.

Honestly, I feel sorry for Emma for being slow to catch up.

The disk landed on the grounds of the dormhouses lightly, and Ulrich waved his wand, the disk disappearing below our feet.

Okay, Emma, lead the way to the location,” said Ulrich.

Um – okay-” Emma gasped, scrambling for her phone.

The End

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