That made Emma stunned.

"W-wait, you - and - him?" Emma stared at me.

"Uh-huh," said Seven.

"That can't be true, Captain Ivory! I mean, you're a highly respected person in the Bronze law, a graduate of the Evictis Academy, and - why in the world are you with a low-ranked person like this guy?" Emma's expression turned to ridicule, like I was a maggot.

Which offended me. "Just because I'm not a cool guy doesn't mean I'm a bad guy."

"You're too plain," Emma said.

"I don't think anyone needs to comment about that," said Seven, pulling out a huge pot with the food. "Let's have a picnic on the roof."

"Uh - we're in the middle of an Immorta Caste that, for some reason, can't be stopped, so we're busy," I grumbled at her.

Then she frowned. "Er - is that the reason why Emma Gray is here?"

Took you a long time, I thought.

We took a few minutes to explain the situation to Seven, and Ulrich began to eat the lunch that Seven had brought along, so Emma and I gave in, too, and ate some, despite both of us obviously feeling reluctant.

"I see . . ." Seven murmured when we were finished explaining. "Phew, I thought Kaden brought you here to pick a fight."

"What makes you think that?!" I demanded.

Seven laughed.

I keep wondering whether Seven would feel a bit of jealousy if I was hanging out with other girls. Maybe she would, but whenever she sees girls approaching me, she'd didn't have a problem with it. Though picking fights is something that does happen to me once in a while, because there was always someone who looked for a reason to do so whenever they see me.

 "So . . . does anyone feel the effects of the Immorta Caste yet?" asked Seven, sitting up.

I checked myself. "Nope."

"None here," said Seven. "We've been out and exposed to it for a long time, which should speed up the leaking of our power . . ."

"So why are we still sitting out here?" I asked.

"I wanted to see if it will affect us," said Seven with a frown.

"I won't be affected,"  said Ulrich. "I'm immune to anything Esper-related."

Then we all glanced at Emma.

"I . . . actually feel a little more better than before," she muttered.

"She's affected," I said. "She's definitely still connected to the Immorta Caste."

The End

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