The city, as expected, cleared out immediately as soon as the alarm broadcast aired over, and now left the streets pretty empty. It was only this empty when Espers are forced to fight on the street and send out an alarm to clear everyone out of the way. That was how the police force's Esper division, called Bronze Law, worked.

I made my way to the Heart, as I neared a place where red lights flickered on the streets, on traffic and sign posts, indicating that a dangerous scene has taken place. These lights were further signals from the Bronze Law to stay away. Apparently, someone had signaled danger here long before the Immorta Caste was created.

Well, me being me, I just ran straight towards this danger scene.

The heart of Amfer is a huge statue that seemed to be made of glass or a never-melting ice, a mountain of spikes. A city ornament, or a work of art, I don't know. It marks the center of Amfer.

There, near the statue, I saw a crowd of soldiers gathering.

Not soldiers. Those Shadows.

Demons who were enemies of this city of Espers.

They were crowding around a white figure crouching on the ground. A girl, with a glare in her eyes, as the vortex of the storm swirled above them. Right now, the black clouds were creating a gold orb.

She's the one who made the phenomena in the sky. A Black Card. Though I don't recognize her or remember her name, since I'm not too interested in knowing who all those Black Card guys are.

But I ground my teeth. That girl does not know the extent of her crime. I had to to do something.

Shadows gathered in my hands and created a black scythe and I ran forward, swinging a wide arc that slashed at the Shadows.

The Shadows hissed and backed from me, as I plowed through them, making a beeline towards the girl.

And when I reached her, I spun the scythe.

Okay, I didn't mean to do this, except to slash at more of these Shadows to tell them to get away from her, but the butt of my scythe that I call Reaper hit her in the head - and she went down like a puppet.

I knocked her out! I thought, almost panicking.

But still, maybe that won't be such a bad thing, because that would disrupt her concentration on creating the Immorta Caste.

The Shadows sprang forward and attacked, and I slashed at them again, fending them off, slashing as they came towards us, two, then three at a time.

At that moment, a cold breeze passed through us A cold aura. Espers are mind readers. Well, in my case, I can only feel emotions. That's as far as I go, but I can tell that this approaching aura is someone who would not be pleased if he saw that a Black Card, that is, this girl, was responsible for the Immorta Caste.

I grabbed the girl. "Forgive the inconvenience, but I'm going to have to kidnap you."

I swung her over one shoulder and dissolved Reaper before I turned and ran off.

The End

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