Chapter 1.1 : Fifth-Rank's GrayMature

Kaden is struggling through an exam period when Emma Gray appears and calls on a storm to the city of Amfer, causing a disruption and loss of Esper abilities among the city's people. And it also threatens to take away Emma's life if they don't stop the storm from rampaging.

I looked out of the balcony to my apartment, slapping my math workbook shut, now that I had finished my homework.

The clouds look like a storm would soon come, and that it would rain. Despite that, my apartment was hot like hell from the afternoon heat just an hour ago and I was tempted to turn on the air-conditioner despite being self-conscious of saving electricity.

At least it would rain soon. If it rained, I could open all windows and let the cool air breeze by.

After a moment of staring out at the skyline of the city of Amfer beyond my balcony  doorway, I returned to my desk. In front of me were my workbooks from school, my writing tools, drawing tools, ruler, pen, a book on architecture, and another on famous buildings. And an opened envelope that I read just three weeks ago.

That was the last time I'd heard from my sister Mavis.

In the letter, she'd advised me not to worry about her. Unless I see a red star. Then I should worry about her.

Red star? Mavis likes to throw riddles or rhymes into her letters when she sends me one. Yes, letters, in this day and age, by bird, nonetheless, even though it was already in the middle of the 21st century where everyone goes by technology, emails, and phones. When I found the letter, it was tied to her falcon, Kisa, who I now kept in a cage, knowing that this would be what she wanted for her bird, so it doesn't fly back to her and get involved with whatever she was up to.

Anyway, my point is that, I think she meant that I should trust her to come home safe and sound, instead of worry about when someone says that she's in trouble. Which I get the feeling that she is in trouble, but she wants to handle it on her own.

Doesn't make me one bit happy about it, but oh well.

I got up and went to the couch, where I left all my homework from the whole week, sifting through them. Biology: finished. English literature: nope. Spanish: who needs it? French: I haven't written a word in the workbook. History: not interested. Esper stuff: Yada.

At that moment, I phone rang.

The call log had the picture of a blond guy in a green button-up shirt and sunglasses, showing the peace sign.

I tapped the answer button. "What's up, Ulrich?"

"You gotta turn on the TV right now! Turn it on!" Ulrich yelled in my ear. "Get to Channel 6! You gotta see that!" His voice sounded fair and there was the rustle of wind, too.

"Where in the world are you?" I demanded as I approached the TV and waved at the screen. It turned on and I swiped through the channels till I got to Channel 6, a 2/7 news and documentary channel and one of those that I enjoy watching because of those documentaries.

Right now, a journalist was reporting at what looked like a beach. The waves were rising and falling, and it was clear that the wind was really strong. But it looked like any other storm.

I recognized the beach: it was Amfer's beach, Blue Sands. Clouds were darkening in the sky behind the reporter.

What, a weather report?

"-winds blowing at a hundred kilometers an hour, but its clear that its artificial because there's a force responsible!" the reporter yelled into a microphone. "As of now, in the heart of Amfer, black clouds are gathering, and clumping together, appearing as though it will become a bad storm later this evening. As the cause of this phenomena is being observed, we advise everyone to get indoors in case something happens."

I scrambled out onto my balcony as Ulrich said, "You hear that? It sounds like a monsoon!"

"You baffoon! Monsoons are floods, not storms!" I yelled into the phone. "Shut up, the reporter's still talking!" I added before Ulrich could speak.

"As of now, the famed Esper scientist, Dr. Richard Avison, thinks that the cause of this phenomena may be of the Six Black Cards' abilities, and they're all currently undergoing a check to see if they are all right.  But all the same, citizens, please stay indoors."

"The Black Cards?" I heard Ulrich mutter through the phone.

"Damn, it can't be - an Immorta Caste!" I gasped. "Ulrich, where are you?"

"I'm standing on top of the roof of our dormhouse. That vortex looks sweet over here!"

"GET THE HELL INTO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW, AND GUARD MY APARTMENT!" I yelled into the phone and hung up as I rushed out of my room. I'm sure that he would just shrug and obey cheerfully, with no question, but I was panicking.

An Immorta Caste? Right now?

Which Black Card idiot is responsible for it?!

To begin with, the Black Cards are all six famous Espers who are highly referred to as prodigies who have mastered their abilities. Esper, as in extrasensory perception, and a user of the sixth sense. About a third of Amfer's citizen population are Espers, since in other cities, Espers are always seen as weirdos.

Anyway, since the Black Cards have the ability to go far beyond normal Esper limits, som can find themselves out of power. To regain that, especially if they're in a fight, they could use the Immorta Caste, a move that creates a storm in the sky and draws out Esper abilities from nowhere.

But in order to be able to do that, you need to first warn the world, then be mindful of the price to use one.

In which case, this troublesome Black Card is not, and in other words, is just endangering a few certain peoples' lives.

I grabbed my hoodie jacket, pulling the hood over my head, and fled from my dormhouse, running towards the Heart of Amfer, in other words, the center of the city of Amfer that my school, the Falkland Academy, is not far from. I have to stop whoever it was before that person regrets it.

The End

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