"Come on!" I say as I grab Vivian's hand and run out of the cafe with her. The warm night air hits us as we run out the door and to my car. The flashing lights have finally stopped, but I still keep running. I hate the paparazzi. They ruin everything!

"So why do they follow you?" she asks as she slides into the passenger seat.

"I'm not trying to brag, but my dad's one of the best players, and so every time he blows his nose, the media swarm like flies."

She nods.

"I'm sorry about dinner," I say as I start the car.

She laughs. "It's okay. But if you still want to make it up to me, there's a drive-through on the way to my house."

I smile. "Perfect."

She gives me directions and I drive until I see the bright lights. I order, and while we're waiting for our food to come to the next window, I ask her where her house is from here.

"Oh, it's not that far. Just turn right, and it's down that road."

I look where she's pointing and see a road with flickering streetlights, the road that my mom warns me to stay away from. "Your house is down there?"

She nods.

"That'll be fifteen seventy-five," says a woman as the window slides open.

I pull out my wallet and hand her the debit card for my account in this state.

"Thanks," says Vivian as I hand her a bag.

The woman hands me my card back and I stick it back in my wallet and start driving down her road.

"This one's mine," she says, and I stop in front of a tiny two-story building crammed between two others. She gets out of the car and I roll down the window.

"Are you still going to ignore me tomorrow?"

She turns around and leans down to the window and smiles. "We'll see, Trace. Thanks for everything."

She turns around again.

"Hey, Vivian."

She turns around again. "What?"

I lean through the window and gently kiss her soft lips. "Bye, Vivian."

She smiles and I swear her cheeks are turning pink in the dim light. "Bye, Trace."

I roll the window up, and with a huge smile on my face, I turn around and drive away.

The End

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