Seeing as how I won't be able to fight both of them, I relent and walk to the back room to grab my bag and change shirts. After changing out of the black shirt into a pale blue t-shirt, I sling my bag over my shoulder and walk back out to Trace.

He smiles when he sees me, and my heart races. "Ready to go?"

I nod. "Guess so."

He smiles even bigger and we start walking to the food court. "Do you want to eat here, or somewhere else?"

"There's a cafe downstairs we can go to."

Trace nods. "Lead the way."

We walk to the cafe, and I'm having a very hard time not staring at him. After unsuccessfully trying to not stare at him, we reach the cafe. Trace gives the hostess his name and she leads us to a small table by a giant floor-to-ceiling window.

"So how was your day, Vivian?"

I take a sip of water before answering. "It was okay, I worked really hard to ignore this guy, and then I accidentally fell on him when he knocked over a display, and then he took me to dinner. How's yours?"

Trace smiles. "Well, I met this gorgeous girl who tried really hard to ignore me, then fell on top of me when I accidentally knocked over a display, and now I'm having dinner with her."

I smile and look out the window.

"So why did you say I was a distraction?"

Of all the questions he could've asked… "Um…it's complicated."

He leans back in his chair. "I'm good at understanding complicated things."

I laugh and turn back to him. "The only reason I'm at that school is because I'm on a scholarship that goes away if my grades fall below an 'A.'"

"I see. But why do you need a scholarship? Are your parents not willing to pay for your school?"

I look down at the table. "Not everyone here has as much money as you do, Trace," I say softly.

He blushes and reaches across the table, grabbing my hand. "You're right, I'm sorry."

The only thing I can concentrate on is the fact that his hand is on top of mine.

He leans across the table and brushes his lips across my cheek. "I really am sorry, I'll change the subject. What do you want to talk about?"

I smile. "Tell me a little more about you."

Did I just see a camera flash?

"Well, I live with my parents in a house too big to be called a home, and all-too close to my mom."

I see another flash. "Do you not like your mom?"

"It's not that," he says with another dazzling smile. "But since my older brother died, she doesn't want to let me out of her sight."

"I'm so sorry," I say softly. Another flash. What's going on?

Trace finally sees the flashing lights and curses underneath his breath.

"Trace? What's wrong?"

He stands up quickly. "My dad's a pro baseball player, I didn't think the paparazzi would follow me here!"

I stand up quickly with him. "What?"

"Come on!" he says as he grabs my hand, and together we run out of the cafe and to his car, bombarded by camera flashes.

The End

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