I saw a sign that said baseball try-outs are coming up, and since I inherited my old man's talent, I want to try out. So after school and being snubbed by Vivian again, I drive to the mall. I've heard the sports store there is really good. I walk in and see a beautiful girl with long dark hair walk back from the store room. Then I realize it's Vivian. And so I try and act cool to get her attention. There's a pyramid of baseballs beside me, so I lean against the table. I'm about to say something when the table shifts and falls, and baseballs go everywhere. I start losing balance, then Vivian turns and loses her balance and falls on top of me.

"I am so sorry, sir!" she says as she tries to stand up.

"It's cool, it was my fault," I say. She sees who I am and then falls again. The glare emanating from her green eyes show that she's not happy to see me. She angrily gets up and starts gathering the baseballs. I get to my feet and help her.

She starts putting them back in a pyramid. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm getting a few things to try out for the baseball team," I reply as I start helping her rebuild the pyramid.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally turns and looks at me. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to make up for the trouble I've caused you."

She finally smiles, and it makes the night stars seem dim in comparison.

"I hate to break it to you, but it's going to take a lot more than helping me rebuild a pyramid to get you in my good graces."

I smile back. "Well then let me try to make it up to you by taking you to dinner."

Vivian tries to hide another smile and shakes her head. "I'm working, remember?"

"Well, when do you get off?"

"She can get off right now, if she's leaving with you," says a tall man with greying hair.

"Mr. Olivers, that's not necessary…" Vivian begins.

Mr. Olivers shakes his head. "Of course it is. You work too hard, and now some boy wants to take you away. Go ahead, you are not working anymore today."

I try to hide a smile as she looks between her boss and me.

She sighs. "Let me get my stuff and change shirts."

She walks off and I smile at her back. I finally have a date with Vivian.

The End

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