Another big move, another new prep school with all the same brand-name clones. Yes, I do come from the same place they do, but I’m tired of all the girls that are clones of each other, and of all the shallowness. I want something real, something with sustenance, but I won’t find that anywhere my parents take me. I'm nineteen, but they won't let their "baby boy" leave them because when my older brother went out on his own, he died when his yacht sank, and they couldn't stand that happening to me. So for now I'm just another rich boy living with his parents.

I've heard the new prep school is very nice, and the pamphlets show it's a pretty campus, but that doesn't change the fact that it's filled with people I can't stand because they're like how I used to be and represent everything I can't stand about having money.

But maybe I'll be lucky, maybe today will be the day my life changes.

The End

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