The choice

He rushed over to the window as soon as the man jumped, he was no longer in sight. Did he leave without an answer? He couldn’t of gone far. The only thing he was think about now was catching up to this man and getting exactly what he wanted. Before climbing out the window he froze for a second with thoughts of regret about leaving. He shook them off instantaneously because he was tired of not being able to do anything in life.

He climbed out the window onto the fire escape. He rushed to the railing and leaned on it to look around to see if he could see the man near by. When he could see him there was no time to waste so he thought about jumping. He couldn't believe that the thought never crossed his mind, it was his chance to test if he could at least get hurt from a fall.

Without a second thought he jumped over the railing.

He seemed to be falling through the air forever so thoughts about his actions had time to surface. He was on the fifth floor so he'll get hurt from the fall, but he believed that the field around him would prevent that. If not then he'd be stuck there, his legs broken and who ever is after him would arrive so either way something would happen. Either way he'd get what he wanted, hopefully.

When he hit the ground he wasn't too surprised that he was unscathed from that high of a drop. It didn't feel like he just jumped from a building, maybe a small set of stairs because he felt some of the shock but not enough to break his legs.

At that moment he realized he made the right choice and was certain that no attempts at killing himself would work. He straightened his legs and looked to the left only to see, standing at the end of the ally, the man from his room. The man smirked, he was satisfied, he was glad that the boy made the right decision. The man looked around then started running so the boy followed him, off into the city.

The End

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