The Decision.

After the man finished saying that he climbed out the window and onto the fire escape. The boy, confused, stood there for a few seconds thinking. Maybe there is someone out there who knows about the situation he was in. He thought about the dream he had and how much he hoped it would help him succeed, but there was doubt, it may not wok.

He wanted to get to the roof to clear those doubts and see if jumping would actually change anything, yet there was something compelling him to follow the man, yet there’s a chance that nothing could come from that either.

He didn’t know what to do and just stood there quietly as the man walked away, he couldn’t decided. If he followed the man he may not have the answers he’s looking for. If he stayed and failed to die after jumping there would be nothing more to try. The feeling that he should follow grew stronger as he realized there may be more opportunities to die if he went with him, and a chance that all his questions will be answered. It took a while but he’d made his decision and lowered the knife but the man was already about to jump off the fire escape.

The End

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