The strange Man

He quickly turned around and saw a man standing near the window inside his room. The man stared at him with desperation in his eyes. He was a older man with a black coat that was torn. In only a few seconds he could easily tell he’s been through a lot, especially by the look on his face, it was like someone just died. His face was a mess and his short black hair was all but neat. The man stood there out of breath staring at him. As soon as there eyes met the man spoke as if it was a life or death situation,

"Is it you? it must be, come, I've got to get you out of here!”

The boy looked confused and didn’t say a word at first. His eyes went straight for the knife that was thrown across the room. The man turned around, he started to leave. He assumed that the boy would cooperate because of the urgency of the matter and how he conveyed it but it didn't seem that way. The boy got up and went for the knife to pick it up, in one quick motion, he pointed it at the man ready to strike. The boy no longer cared about dieing because the focus was now on this mysterious man and not his goal of jumping off a building. The man who was about to climb out the window stopped and turned around to see what was going on. The man looked at the knife then into the boys eyes with confusion.

The End

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