The Ascend

The boy thought about living back then in the old world as he climbed the sitars to his grandmothers apartment. He passed a window on the way up and suddenly stopped to look out it. It was hard to see it but he could faintly catch a glimpse of some green trees beyond some distant buildings. Seeing trees or any greenery in The City was a rare sight and was strangely calming so he stood there for a while.

Soon the thoughts that he tried to keep down started to come up. How he would do anything to escape the reality he was stuck in, the feeling of being unloved and unwanted, not even by his parents who died so suddenly. He closed his eyes for a second trying not to think about it. Standing there any longer would just make him long for change even more so he continued up the stairs slowly.

Once he reached the fifth floor he quickly walked into the first apartment on the right. He didn't even pay any mind to his grandmother as she welcomed him home, he wasn't in the mood after another lonely school day. He kept to himself most of the time so no one seemed to notice him, just another day.

He rushed to his room and laid down on his bed, not knowing what to do next, he wanted to do something to change the situation he was in but was only thinking of one solution. He laid there with a strange feeling inside his gut preventing him from doing anything so he thought about everything.

The End

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