A Walk Home

A boy who attempt to commit suicide and failed because of a mysterious field around his body protecting him form harm. He meets a mysterious man who tells him to follow because of some threat, promises him that all his questions will be answered.

The City, where most people live now on this earth. It doesn't even have a real name, it used to be called something else but that name was forgotten long ago. Unlike back then the city is a large concentration of people yet the streets are never really busy like there's something there holding them all down.

A young 16 year old boy is walking down these empty street looking down at the ground carrying his school bag firmly on his back with a sad look on his face. He was slowly walking home with hundreds of nagging thoughts running through his head, his life is far from what he wanted it to be and school just seemed to make everything worse.

He walks up to the building where he lives now after his parents death. The only one left to take care of him was his grandmother, someone who always talked about the old world when humans inhabited the entire world living everywhere. She watched as the earth suddenly started to die and the war for resources tore everyone apart, but in the end brought the survivors together. She said the world wasn't like this before, the boy wished he lived back then, maybe he wouldn't be in the situation he's in now.

The End

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