My Body

The next morning I wake with a start. The smell of the man still clings to me, despite the fact I disposed of his body hours ago, and slunk away from where I had found him into the folds of my own bed - in my own grimy apartment.

I feel regret for the loss of the man I did not know for a fraction of a second. Then I feel the energy surging through me and smile my sick sadistic smile, and any regret I might have been feeling is lost to the winds. I pick up my arm, examining it, and marveling in how wonderfully solid it suddenly seems to have become. I hold it up against the gaudy patterns of the wall. I certainly can't see the horrible 80's wall paper through my arm anymore, as opposed to yesterday when I couldn't only see the outline, but every painfully bright colour through my arm.

The knock on the door doesn't startle me - I've given up being startled after years of seeing people drop like flies around me. If death doesn't startle you any more you can't be alarmed by a knock on the door. It's also a sign you've been doing this for too long.

I look at the clock, I know who's at the door. My neighbours. For some unknown reason they've taking a liking to me, despite all my attempts to rebuff them they insist that we're friends and need to look out for one another. That's where the knocking at the insanely early time of 7.30 comes into it. I've been avoiding both of them for the past couple of days, not just them, everyone. It's difficult to explain to normal humans why you're becoming invisible, and more often than not they find it hard to believe they're in the presence of the devil's agent.

"Jet, open up!" Rio's voice floats through my door, accompanied by another bout of knocking.

I swing my legs out of bed and pull on last night's trousers and shirt.

"Jet, you've been ignoring us for days, we know you're in there - Open the door!"

I roll my eyes, if she would give me more than two seconds between trying to punch a hole in my door with her fist I might actually have time to answer.

Her hand is raised again when I make it to the door, and I have a strong feeling if I'd opened up just a second later her fist would have not connected to the door, but to me.

"Why have you been ignoring us?" Rio demanded, staring up at me with her wide eyes. Rio's a short girl, standing only at 4ft 10, but her big personality makes up for this small stature.She has the face of a doll, porcelain in colour, with big batting blue eyes, and full red lips that pout up at you. Her hair falls to her elbows, in the thickest ringlets I've ever seen in my long lifetime. Today she has her golden locks pulled up into a ponytail, a ponytail I know she favours as it shows off the crimson streaks she has running through her hair, as well as drawing attention to her rustic pirate earrings. Today, her clothes echoed her personality. It was an explosion of colour drawn around tightly to show off her petite curves. The only thing more attention grabbing were her shoes, which were a plain black, but were high enough that even looking at them was painful, and must have added an extra half a foot to her height.

"I ignore you because  I let you in you blind me with your clothing and then you refuse to pay for the hospital bills to rehibilitate my corneas." I said flatly.

"Aw, you like it then?" She asked doing a little twirl. "It's new."

"Really?" I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster - which was none.

"We were just checking to see if you were okay." My eyes were now drawn to Rio's twin brother. Despite the fact they were twins there were no two people more different than Rio and Styx. In comparison to the noise that was Rio, Styx was more often than not silent. Instead of having to look down, I had to peer up at his towering stature, only to see a face that was not petite and pretty, but carved and chiseled, much like an explemporary statue of stone. Instead of bright warm eyes, his irises were a dead grey palor, and instead of golden curled locks his hair was poker straight and dark as night. This matched the clothes he wore, which were all dark colours, and simple to boot. Many have said this simplicity makes him look refined, especially with a body underneath that is as chisled as his face.

"You don't need to check on me every day you know. It's not like we live in a crazy dangerous neighbourhood."

"Yeah, but you live all on your own." Rio pouted, "And we know you're lonely."

"Has anyone told you how far off the mark you can be?" I asked.

"Anyway," Rio interupted, moving on before I could insult her more, "We're going to the shops, want to come too?"

"If I say no will you leave?"


"Fine then, give me two minutes to get dressed." I shut the door in their faces and turned round.If I let Rio into my place she'd never get out as I had learned that the hard way when I first moved here.

"Your payment was cutting it a bit fine Jet." I rolled my eyes, I'd known this was coming.

"But it wasn't late, was it? So there's no problem really."

"There is a problem. The soul you sent me was in an awful state, completely intoxicated. I have half a mind not to count it." Finally figuring out the voice was eminating from the kitchen I moved through, and came face to face with my contract holder.

"I sent you a soul, as per our contract. You have no right to complain about it's state... Lucifer."

The End

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