Damon - Going To PlanMature

Damon Lee

Perfect. I was paired with exactly the person I wanted. Could this be any easier? All that was left now would be to turn on the charm.

I walked over to her. "Hey there. I'm Damon and I've never done this before, so it could be rather diabolical - I apologise in advance." I say, laughing as though I'm nervous. Smiling, I wait for her answer.

"Well, hello. I'm Caroline. I've done this before and it's the easiest dance to learn. I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Thanks." I say. "How do we start then?"

"Like this." She places me exactly. If I move an arm out of place, she immediately slaps it back to where it should be.

"So I'm guessing you're the best student here then?" I whisper as the music starts to play. It's not hard to manipulate humans. They believe in free will, but they have as much free will as much as I am a human.

She smiles inwardly and doesn't reply.

Time to go a step further. "You know, I certainly think you're the prettiest here." With that I flash a smile and wait for her to fall into the trap.

The End

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