Caroline- Sometihng OldMature

I walked down the familiar hallway, the smell of dance class on my nose. My carefully placed bun bobbed up and down, as I walked. I was not very exacted for this dance class. Why? Well, I had been dancing in the ballroom genre since I was seven, and my brother argged to take the class with me, and he sadly still does, but not this class.

The samba to me was easy, cause it was the first dance I entered in a Ballroom dance computation, and I kicked it’s butt. But, Mother, primping me to be a prima ballerina, singed me up, so there I was.

“Hey, Carl.” said Andi, a girl who I have danced with since I was little. I nodded, and made my way to the Conor so I could warm up.

“Hi Andi.” I replied. I sat down on the ground and did a few butterflies, then sat in my splits.

“Okay, kids lets begin.” said Julie, the dance teacher, and my sister. I got up, and stood by myself, waiting for my partner to be assigned.

Just then, a boy with slivery blonde hair entered the room. Julie fawned over him briefly, but he never took his eyes off me. Odd, I thought.

“Okay Damon, I’m going to put you with one of more advanced students, my sister Caroline.” I waved and he walked over.

I stood with my hands on my hips, and slightly cursed my sister for putting me with new kid. Truly, I hated this class, and I was going to hate it even more now.

“Ok guys, you can sit down.” Julie said, and we did. “We are going to do the routine to,

Eso Beso, or That kiss. I know most of you who have taken this before know that song, right?” Those who did, I included, nodded. “Good, now lets begin.”

The End

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